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What Part Does Hair Color Play In Your Life?

What Part Does Hair Color Play In Your Life?

Back in early 2008 the hair color gurus at Clairol shared a very interesting survey.  Clairol conducted the survey to determine what perceptions people had regarding certain hair colors.

Ever wondered the best hair color for going on a job interview?  Or what is considered the sexier hair color?  Read on to get the inside scoops.

While this survey was first made available in three years ago, many of the survey results are most likely still as relevant as they were back then.

Clairol Color Check-In Survey Results

Who/what do you look to for inspiration when coloring your hair?

Celebrities – 11%

Friends – 28%

Mother – 14%

Fashion trends – 19%

Politicians/influential people – 6%

Which hair color do people associate most with being serious?

Blonde – 11%

Brunette – 76%

Red – 7%

Which hair color do people associate most with being fun-loving?

Blonde – 57%

Brunette – 13%

Red – 25%

What is the best hair color shade to have for a job interview?

Blonde – 12%

Brunette – 76%

Red – 3%

What color hair do you think men find the sexiest on a woman?

Blonde – 57%

Brunette – 20%

Red – 17%

If you could transform your hair color for one day only, what color would you make it?

Blonde – 25%

Brunette – 28%

Red – 39%

What color hair do you think the first female president will have?

Blonde – 49%

Brunette – 48%

Red – 3%

If you were a CEO and could only hire one person solely based on their haircolor, whom would you hire?

A Blonde – 8%

A Brunette – 67%

A Redhead – 13%

If you were forced to maintain one hair color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Blonde – 22%

Brunette – 60%

Redhead – 12%

Which color hair on a woman do you think signals confidence?

Blonde – 14%

Brunette – 56%

Redhead – 19%

What color hair do you find the most trustworthy?

Blonde – 9%

Brunette – 72%

Redhead – 8%

What haircolor do you find most intimidating?

Blonde – 26%

Brunette – 16%

Redhead – 44%

What haircolor is the most seductive?

Blonde – 45%

Brunette – 21%

Redhead – 24%

Think about the people you know. What color hair does your most daring friend/acquaintance have?

Blonde – 23%

Brunette – 47%

Redhead – 22%

Think about the people you know. What color hair does your most confident friend/acquaintance have?

Blonde – 21%

Brunette – 64%

Redhead – 9%

What haircolor would make a doctor appear the most trustworthy to you?

Blonde – 7%

Brunette – 77%

Redhead – 3%

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