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Avante-Garde Bridal Hairstyle How To

Avante-Garde Bridal Hairstyle How To

If you have your heart on a big bridal statement gown then balance it with big beautiful bridal hair.  One of the hottest bridal hairstyles is a modern structured take on The French Twist except with more height and drama than ever before.

This updo hairstyle works spectacularly with a strapless bridal gown because it elongates the neck, adds instant sophistication, and empowers the bride's form while nodding to classic avant-garde looks.

Step By Step Bridal Hairstyle How To

Get this look by first cleansing hair in lukewarm water with your favorite program ranging from full shampoo to diluted shampoo (DS), low poo, Conditioner Only (CO) or Water Only (WO).

Rinse well and then apply rinse-out conditioner to detangle with wide tooth comb or fingers while in the shower.  Finish with a cool to cold water rinse.

Towel blot and apply styling cocktail including leave-in conditioner, defrisant and styling gel.  Separate hair into 8 horizontal section.  Finger blow-dry each section with a boar's bristle paddle or round brush until 100% dry.  Finish with a blast of cool air to close cuticle.

Separate hair into 8 individual strands and backcomb each section starting at the scalp and working backwards to achieve desired height.   When appropriate height is achieved use fingers to smooth hair.  Direct all the hair into the back into a pony that is secured with your fingers.  Twist up and fold into a French Twist.

Secure with pins the same color as your hair.  Finish with a strong finishing spray.  Tuck a mini size hairspray into your bridal handbag for touch-ups.   If you prefer, print out the attached photo and take to your favorite hairstylist for a test run before the wedding.

When you have fine tuned the updo to your bridal specs either book your hairstylist for your wedding or solicit a bridesmaid to help you.

If you don't love the look for your bridal gown it also makes a spectacular bridesmaid updo.

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