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Reality Steve Dishes About Bachelor Brad

Just shy of two years ago I had the great privilege of having a long phone chat with the which resulted in the blog - Who Is Reality Steve.  I have been reading Steve's blog since he first started dishing about ABC's The Bachelor/Bachelorette and now Bachelor Pad reality dating shows.

In early 2009 when I first talked to Steve, I confessed to being a huge fan.  Besides loving his blogs where he combines fabulous spoilers with reality truths and humor, I often quote from his observations.

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As I told Steve on the phone it's easier to just read his comprehensive blogs and get all the Bachelor/Bachelorette scoops, then to try and dig through reams of information to try and figure it out myself.

Imagine my glee when I called Steve's phone today and he picked up.  Even better, he had time to chat and do a follow-up to my original blog.

After chatting about a lot of great Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad tidbits which I will share in follow-up blogs, Steve told me he will be posting his Bachelor Brad Womack 2010 spoilers either tonight (Wednesday) or by Friday at the latest.

Steve's Brad Womack Spoilers Are Coming Up Any Day Now

Steve told me that after receiving lots of different insider tips about the current Brad Womack Bachelor season he has feel confident that he has all the spoilers from the season, including how the season ends.

I told Steve I couldn't wait to see the spoilers, but he didn't spill any to me on the phone so you'll all have to keep checking his famous RealitySteve Blog to get the latest on Brad.

I asked Steve what he thought about casting the 2007 Bachelor for a second season.  Steve told me it was "genius" for ABC to cast Brad for a second time. Why?

(Image of Bachelor Brad - - All Rights Reserved)

Brad Womack - Finally A Bachelor Who Told The Truth

As Steve pointed out in one of his blogs back in 2007 "Brad Womack is my new hero.  Finally, FINALLY a Bachelor that told the truth.  Finally a Bachelor that didn't try to convince not only the viewing audience, but himself as well, that he actually fell madly in love with someone in 6 weeks on a TV show."

Three years later Steve still feels that bringing Brad back was a great way to "shake it up" and "get viewers".  Afterall, the celebrity blogger pointed out that The Bachelor is "a TV show that needs eyeballs."

Steve said "Brad's (repeat) casting drew new interest in the show."  He also said "all the people that hated Brad for not picking either of the two finalists on his season will be watching at least the first episode to see what this guy is up to" and how he is now as a returning Bachelor.

Reality Steve Blogged Back In 2007 That Brad Should Come Back For Another Season

Ironically Steve blogged back in 2007 that "I think Brad should be the Bachelor next season (again) so we can find this fine young gentleman a wife."

In all fairness, Steve was not hard on Brad at all during his season because as Steve himself said "Brad actually came across as someone that wasn't interested in fame or prestige" from doing the show.

He also blogged about Brad "if I ever did happen to say anything bad about the guy, I take it back.  He's the greatest, bring him back, ABC."

Actually I am not at all surprised that Steve in his 2007 blog suggested ABC bring Brad back and viola, Brad is back.  Granted it took a few years to happen but Brad himself told Ellen Degeneres that he is a different guy now than he was before and he's ready to commit.

Casting For The Bachelor/Bachelorette Is Very Good

Steve pointed out that the people who do the casting for the ABC Bachelor and Bachelorette shows do "a very good casting job."

Will Brad be the big pull for the upcoming Bachelor season which starts on January 3, 2011?  Steve noted that The Bachelor show is "the same show every single season with the same dates, the same dresses, the same drama."

The reality about The Bachelor?  Steve said "it's not the Bachelor or The Bachelorettes, it's all the people in the cast that the audience watches.  The audience talks about Casey's new tattoo or that Frank left the show for another girlfriend."

Viewers Care More About The Cast Then The Bachelor Or Bachelorette

Steve said that at the end of the day "the reason viewers keep watching is because they want to see the characters like Rozlyn, Wes and Elizabeth."

Of course all of us fans of can count on the wizard of reality TV blogging to have all the latest spoilers and scoops on the upcoming Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons.

I for one can't wait to see what Steve spills on Brad Womack Part II.

Note: Steve is a really good guy who supports an amazing non-profit charity in the Dallas area known as Emily's Smile Boxes.  The charity is amazing and was started by Emily.  If you would like to learn more about Emily's mission or to donate time (for box making parties) or money for the cause visit:

Visit Steve at or on Twitter or Facebook.

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