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Reality Steve Spills About Bachelor Spoiler Sources

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of catching up with Dallas based Reality Steve (RS) for a follow-up phone chat of our original 2009 interview.

I must confess I've been reading RS's blog since he first started it.  I'm a true fan because as a long time editor, writer and blogger, I know how much time, effort and energy Steve puts into his work.

As I told Steve, he works hard to bring his visitors and fans lots of little details from the shows that many might miss.

Steve Does A Much Better Job Blogging About The Bachelor

I eventually realized over the past few years that Steve did a much better job blogging about the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad shows than I could or would ever do.  I eventually stopped regularly blogging about the shows and on the rare occasion I did, I often quoted him.

Although Reality Steve has been religiously following and blogging about the Bachelor franchise for "8 years now" he admitted to me on the phone "his spoiler blogs are what ultimately drew attention to his blog."

While Steve realizes some people are angry at him for spilling all the beans about the various seasons, he also knows many people actually enjoy reading what will happen before the shows ever air.

Steve Doesn't Want To Spoil Anything

Steve told me he doesn't "want to spoil anything for anybody" but so many of his visitors "love and want to read the spoilers, he feels like he's not really ruining anything for anybody".

He pointed out if someone doesn't want to know what's going to happen they can easily avoid reading his spoiler blogs.  Steve definitely warns people that he is going to provide big reveals.

Not only does Steve lay out tons of show scoops way in advance, except for the recent Ali Fedotowsky season where he missed that she picked Roberto in the final rose ceremony, Steve has been extremely accurate with his spoilers.  Scary accurate.

While many people believe Steve has just one specific mole who works for the Bachelor production company, he assured me he doesn't.  In fact, Steve explained "with each Bachelor season more and more people connected to the show contact him to share inside scoops and spoilers."

Why Do All The Moles Spill Secrets?

I asked why people working for the Bachelor production company would want to share spoilers, secrets or inside scoops. After all, what do they have to gain out of it?

Steve said he also wondered why because with each season the number of new moles substantially increases.  Steve said he believes they contact him with scoops because "he gives them a voice."  While he guards their identities carefully, after he checks out their spoilers in great detail, if they are true, he uses them.

He noted "I don't pay for any scoops or spoilers" and "I don't seek many of these people out" but somehow "they find me."

Steve said "they find him via email, Twitter, Facebook or their blog."  He also noted that "every season" the various moles "change" because people leave the show or their situation changes or they don't have information that is worth sharing."

Anyone believing that Steve has gotten all his spoilers from just one person for the beginning would be sadly mistaken.

The celebrity blogger explained since "so many weeks elapse between the end of filming of a season and when the show airs" there's lots of time for information to leak out."

In fact, since each season brings lots of new informers who contact him, Steve is probably working on a pretty big list of people he's gotten scoops from.  And no, he will never ever name names.  It would be the end of his spoilers if he did.

Is ABC Or Bachelor Producers Feeding Steve Spoilers?

Although Chris Harrison always seems upset when Steve produces all the spoilers, many believe that Steve's spoiler blogs help drive more viewers to the show.  Steve pointed out that even though he produced tons of spoilers on Ally's season, the show won solid audiences in the 11 million range.

Even though many people, including Steve, believe his blog actually helps fuel and maintain interest in the shows, he was adamant about the fact that "ABC does not ever feed me secrets, spoilers or insider information."   Although Steve feels he helps the show thrive he noted "I have never been credited or never mentioned in any connection with ABC or with the show."

Why Reality Contestants Aren't Sued For Breach Of Confidentialy

I also asked Steve why the Bachelor franchise doesn't sue any of the contestants who talk to him after the show is over.  He noted that even though they all sign a "5 million dollar" confidentiality agreement, the production company wouldn't want to risk taking any of the contestants who broke the agreement to court where a lot of very damaging information might come out in public documents."

Of course the various moles might be fired if they were found out, but would they be sued where a lot of secrets would be revealed about behind the scenes happenings?  Again, probably now.

Wes Punished For Talking To Reality Steve

I never thought about the long term ramifications of the producers suing a reality TV contestant on the Bachelor but Steve definitely has.  In fact he told me that Wes was "punished for talking" to Steve after he was voted off.  How was Wes punished?  Steve explained he was "not allowed to appear on the episode of The Bachelors Tell All" and he was severely reprimanded for doing an interview with Steve.

Not only did Steve share how Wes was edited by the show to appear one way, Steve and Wes are now very good friends.  In fact, Steve has become very good friends with many of the former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.  They often visit him and he has been invited to spend time with many of them.

And the spoilers for Bachelor Brad's new season?  Coming soon to the Reality Steve blog.  Stay tuned.

Note: Steve is a really good guy who supports an amazing non-profit charity in the Dallas area known as Emily’s Smile Boxes.  The charity is amazing and was started by Emily.  If you would like to learn more about Emily’s mission or to donate time (for box making parties) or money for the cause visit:

Visit Steve at or on Twitter or Facebook.

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