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Dr. Frank Ryan Said Heidi Montag's D Cup Too Big For Her

Dr. Frank Ryan, the plastic surgeon who performed all the recent surgeries on Heidi Montag (MTV "The Hills") was on the Bonnie Hunt Show.

Bonnie has talked a lot about Heidi's plastic surgery and seems horrified that Heidi would undergo all that work at one time.

(Image of Heidi Montag Before (L) and After (R) - - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie pointed out "Iit's no secret that plastic surgery has become more common in recent years and that's especially true here in Hollywood, but how much is too much?"

Dr. Frank Ryan - Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon

Bonnie started by thanking Dr. Ryan for coming on her show and told him "I was really curious about the part you played in all of this."  She mentioned she had seen him on "The Insider, Extra and all those kinds of show" and some of the other media outlets.

Heidi's Surgery Was Calculated Business Move

Bonnie said "and you were aware, young Heidi, for those of you who don't remember, but just in case (Bonnie showed a Before/After photo of Heidi from her plastic surgery operations) is on the cover of People Magazine and you were aware that Heidi went to a triple D breast and this is a young girl, 23 years old.  And maybe I'm misquoting you but you can explain if I am.  That you were kinda aware that she and her husband were timing this for a publicity situation."

Dr. Ryan "well I think to a certain extent, to a large extent it was a very calculated business move on Heidi's part.  Really.  Because she identified a niche she wanted to fill and again people asked me if she needed it."

No One Needs Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ryan continued "I say no ones needs plastic surgery at all.  That's the nature of elective plastic surgery.  She didn't need it, she desired it.  And she wanted to have this more glamorous exotic look.  She felt it would propel her career, rightly or wrongly, I don't know.  But that is what she wanted to do and we talked about it at length and decided to proceed.  And you talk about the breast size.  I felt it was too large actually.  I told Heidi on multiple occasions that it was clearly as big as we can go."

Bonnie "when you're in a situation like that and you have a patient come in.  How much is considered where they might be emotionally at that point in their life?"

Dr. Ryan "Oh yeah.  100%.  I tell people that within 5 seconds if I don't get a good feeling about the motivation or the psychological makeup of the person its over.  Right there."

Bonnie "And the motivation you felt was justified was a career move."

This Is Hollywood Where Plastic Surgery Rules

Dr. Ryan "To a certain extent.  Again, this is Hollywood.  You know.  She makes her living on her face and her body as do many people in Hollywood.  So I think if she were back in Crested Butte, Colorado where she's from.  She probably wouldn't do any of this.  Honestly."

Bonnie "Do you really think she makes her living on her face and body?  She was making a living already."

Dr. Ryan "Yeah I do.  Absolutely."

Bonnie "So she was already making a living, but they'll pay her more if she's more plastic?"

Is Plastic The Right Word For The Surgery?

Dr. Ryan "Well plastic.  I don't know if that's the right word, exactly.  But yeah, you know, she's a reality star which you know is fine but I think if she wanted to branch out in other areas.  And again, I'm not making a judgment if this is right or wrong.  That was her desire."

Bonnie "I don't know if I'm saying it's right or wrong.  I'm just curious that at 23 I want so so alter my appearance.  Was their any point along the way Dr. Ryan where you said 'gosh I remember when I was 23 and there might've been things I thought were so important then that maybe if I had waited a little bit I might have seen things differently?'  This young girl completely altered her appearance."

Heidi's Appearance Will Continue To Change As Swelling Goes Down

Dr. Ryan shook his head "not really.  This is actually less than two months after surgery by the way.  So she's still swollen.  She's going to look better.  They always show her smiling before and not smiling after which is a little misrepresentative."

Bonnie "well she can't smile."  Dr. Ryan "I was waiting for that.  I set you up for that."  Bonnie "well but can she?"

Dr. Ryan "yeah,  yeah, absolutely.  But you're right, she's a 23 year old woman, but again she made her decision.  She thought about it many times and I think if you see a board certified surgeon and have it done safely and you have multiple consultations it's a decision that's made.  And again, I don't know it if its right or wrong.  I don't really know honestly.  But it's being done today in Hollywood, frankly."

Did Heidi Almost Die?

Bonnie "were you nervous at all for her being under as long as she was?  And the fact she's reporting that she had a setback where she almost died."

Dr. Ryan "Yeah, I first heard that, by the way, in an interview on "Access Hollywood.  And I said 'what?'  I had no idea what she was talking about."  Bonnie "that's where you get the update on your patients?"

Dr. Ryan "Exactly.  Basically yeah.  Interesting.  So I called Heidi immediately after wards and I said 'what, what are you talking about?' And about four days after surgery at the recovery center she was groggy and that's what she was talking about."  And Dr. Ryan said 'oh that's what you're talking about.'

Bonnie "So she was able to breathe and there was no distress?"  Dr. Ryan "yeah, yeah."

It's All About Publicity

Bonnie "It's all more publicity?"  Dr. Ryan "yeah, I think if you have a little bit of hyperbole or the way you phrase things can actually sell newspapers and magazines and things like that."

Bonnie "It was just so drastic to see this tiny little body with these giant breasts and I think about her lower back and the stress it will put on her vertebrae."

Dr. Ryan "We talked about everything and on multiple occasions and just like you're saying. Yeah, I agree."

Bonnie "Would it have been good to just put two sacks of sand around her neck.  Just for a week and say 'just walk around with this and make sure and then you know OK."

Heidi Is Sending A Message To The Public

Dr. Ryan laughed and shook his head "Ummm huh.  Yeah, but I think Heidi is sorta sending a message to the public in a way.  'Hey I'm putting it out there and this is what people do in a way, rightly or wrongly.  It's not because of my Pilates and yoga.  It's not because of my macrobiotic diet, it's not because of my healthy, you know.'"

Bonnie "Did she need liposuction?  Really?"

Dr. Ryan "It's not. She was a size zero.  Of course not.  But liposuction.  That's what they're calling it but we harvested her fat

Bonnie "But you did liposuction a size zero girl.  Were you afraid she might disappear and just be a head when you were done?"

Dr. Ryan laughed Bonnie said "And when you're looking at me do you think 'whoa a month or two?'  Dr. Ryan continued to laugh.  Bonnie said "it's bad isn't it?"  Dr. Ryan laughed and said "noooo"  Bonnie "I'm available for any before pictures."

Bonnie "well I really appreciate you coming down and talking to us.  I don't know why it became such a big deal.  I think it's because so many of us as young girls would think 'wow, she sure is cute and pretty' and then you look at the after and think 'oh that's too bad.'  I don't know why it makes me feel bad.  I don't know why.  I don't know why.  But maybe it's just something inside myself. "

She circled her face and said to Dr. Ryan "I'm gonna come in tomorrow and see."

Breast Sizes Keep Getting Bigger

Dr. Ryan "One interesting thing, it's interesting the dichotomy.  A lot of the media and the interviewers, of course, you now, it's a Devil's advocate situation and it's controversial and it's great to kinda have a little sparring about the whole situation.  On the other hand a lot of people who are interested in plastic surgery.  Like elective plastic surgery.  Again, right or wrong, have been choosing to do it. Boy, they're just loving the results."

Bonnie "I just think this was something that was just so curious and it was provocative in the sense that you just felt like 'why' I guess.  But you felt pretty good doing all of it?"

Dr. Ryan "Oh.  This is what we do.  When you have a healthy young person come in that you've had multiple consultations with and we get her screened by a board certified internist and a board certified surgeon, board certified anesthesiologist."

Bonnie "What about a psychiatrist or psychologist or therapist?  Who might say 'why honey, before you do this.' Because once you do this it changes your face.  So what are the emotional consequences like I say, what if you had gotten burned and it changes your face.  You have to deal with 'I look different now.  How do I deal with this?'

Dr. Ryan "It's interesting, right or wrong, we've seen an increase in breast sizes over the years people desire.  C cup is most common years ago.  Not it seems to be D."  Bonnie "I go to a D cup with a few pieces of extra bread."

Bonnie asked what Dr. Ryan would do if Heidi wanted to go bigger with her breasts.  Would he operate on her again?

He said "She's said.  I presume she's the only doctor she would want to operate on her because she has faith in me, etc, but I told her 'if you honestly want to go bigger you've got to find someone else.'  I said 'this is absolutely the max you're at right.  There's no way you can go any bigger.' My answer."

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