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Bangs Instead Of Botox - Simple Snips Hide Brow Lines

Bangs Instead Of Botox - Simple Snips Hide Brow Lines Image of Suki Duggan - All Rights Reserved

Bangs instead of Botox?  It doesn't seem interchangeable, does it?

Skip Paralyzing Toxins Injected Into Your Face

A simple snip could have the same overall effect on someone's face as paralyzing toxins.

According to world-renowned stylist and beauty expert, Suki Duggan people are looking for alternative ways to instantly look younger without turning to cosmetic surgery, fillers, or botox.

Suki explained, "one of the best hairstyle secrets you can experiment with instead of Botox or other injectables is to try on an array of bangs."

Bangs Instead Of Botox - Simple Snips Hide Brow Lines Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

Bangs give you an easy way to hide and wrinkles or brow lines at a much more affordable price.

Hide Forehead Furrows Or Wrinkles With Bangs

Whether you get Botox or other injectables to smooth forehead lines and wrinkles or bangs, you will have to periodically return for maintenance.

It is definitely less expensive to get perfectly shaped bangs trimmed than to visit your cosmetic surgeon's office for another injection.

Other Options To Selecting Permanent Hair Bangs

If you like the idea of selecting hair bangs instead of Botox or other injections but are unsure if you will like bangs, another option is to try out clip-in bangs.

Clip-in bangs are available in every imaginable length, color, and style.

Bangs Instead Of Botox - Simple Snips Hide Brow Lines Photo by Hazzel Silva on Unsplash

Whether you buy them online or from your hair professional, they can be trimmed to fit your particular face and desired look.

Clip-in Bangs Is A Great Resource

Not only are clip-in bangs a great resource for determining if you like the way your face and hair look with bangs, but you can also keep them for an instant change to your regular hairstyle.

Clip-in bangs offer the option to make a new hairstyle statement with just a quick clip-in of your bangs.

If you decide you like the flexibility of clip-in bangs, consider buying several different colors, lengths, and styles and have fun with rotating your looks.

Easy clip-in bangs are even available in fun unicorn hair colors such as pink, purple, blue, green, or rainbow stripes.


Bangs Instead Of Botox - Simple Snips Hide Brow Lines Photo by Binh Ly on Unsplash

Before you make the commitment to select Botox as a medical option to appear younger, consider either a permanent hairstyle change.

You can either have your hairstylist clip custom and flattering bangs for your hair.  Bangs will instantly cover up deep forehead lines.  They can also cover a wrinkle between your eyebrows and soften the crow's feet.

If you don't want to commit to permanent bangs, but want to look younger without injections, play with clip-in hair extensions.

They are available in every imaginable length, color, and style for every hair profile.  Even better, clip-in bangs are available in 100% human hair, 100% synthetic, or a combination.

If you wish to apply any type of chemicals to your clip-in bangs, opt for the 100% human hair clip-ins.

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