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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hit By Bike

In the opening episode of The View on ABC today the ladies were talking about Elisabeth Hasselbeck getting hit by a bike in New York yesterday.

(Image of L-R, Joy Behr, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View from - All Rights Reserved).

According to Elisabeth, she didn't get hurt by the bike hit but she also knew to turn her body in such a way as to avoid damage.  Elisabeth explained that in New York it's common to come in contact with the Messenger Bikes that are everywhere in New York City.

I know, I've been in New York and had some close calls with messenger bikes.  The bikes go very fast and most of the time they avoid people walking, but not always.

Elisabeth said the biker didn't stop to check on her but shouted out as he passed on his "I'm sorry."

Elisabeth mentioned she then started Tweeting on Twitter about her bike accident and posted Tweets to Sherri Shepherd and her husband about her bike encounter.  Although its good to know that pregnant Elisabeth was not hurt by being hit by the bike, its more interesting to note that she posted Tweets about it.

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