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Ellen Recognized While Naked At Korean Spa

A few days ago Ellen Degeneres had Actress Carla Gugino (pronounced Goo-jink-O) as a guest on her show.   Carla is having a fabulous upswing in her career and is currently co-starring in the #1 Box Office Hit "The Watchman".  She has a second movie, which is highly anticipated, "The Return To Witch Mountain" coming out on Friday of this week.

It is obvious that Carla works very hard and has a huge list of acting credits under her belt.  Many may remember her from her role as Karen Cisco on the short lived TV series by the same name.  She also played an alien hunter in Threshold and a small part in Night At The Museum.  She also played a recurring role on HBO's Entourage.

Ellen asked Carla "now what do you do in your off time, when you're not working? How do you, when you stop shooting, how do you relax? What is your chill thing?"  The very beautiful and charming Carla laughed and told Ellen "I"m a big massage person.  I kinda like the Korean Spas. Do you ever go to those?"

Ellen paused and said "I have not gone... well a long time ago, I went to one, so I know what they are."  Carla said "well they basically..." Ellen looked at the audience and said to them "do you know what the Korean spas are?" Ellen told Carla "to explain" what a Korean spa is like.

Carla smiled and said "well they're not like the beautiful spas with (soft) music and light massage.  They're like the slap you down on a table, scrub you like a baby, flip you over.  They're sort of a cross between heaven and torture. And I love it!!"

Ellen agreed with Carla's description and responded "I don't mind that part (the torture), because it really does get the circulation going."  Carla agreed "it does".  The hostess continued "it involves a lot of things where they hit you (she demonstrated) with palm things (like branches) and all kinds of scrubbing." Carla injected "and elbows, knees they walk on you."

Ellen agreed "yeahh and they literally walk on you, stand on you.  But the part, why I stopped going is because everyone walks around naked. There's not even a hint of trying to cover up.  There's just naked people everywhere."

Carla agreed that naked people are definitely the rule and said "I did get recognized there.  Which was slightly awkward while naked. Yeah."  She demonstrated someone recognizing her and saying "ohhhh you're Carla.:  She laughed "ohhh, uh, yes (looking down as if she was naked)."

Ellen said "that's why I stopped going (to the Korean Spas), because I got recognized. It was uncomfortable for me."  Carla said "it is, it's an awkward situation, but it still, you know." Ellen "but it feels good." Carla "uh huh."

Then Ellen said to Carla "maybe if you were naked but if you wore a mask, a Halloween mask, you might not be recognized Carla."  The actress laughed at Ellen's suggestion and said "I think I would attract more attention if I wore a mask."

Ahhh, yes, maybe so.  At any rate, don't expect to see Ellen buck naked at any of LA's Korean Spas because she's been there, done that and doesn't want to be recognized while minus her clothes.  The entire story made for a very interesting little insight into Ellen and Carla.

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