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10 Commandments for a Great Haircut

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Arriving unprepared for a hair appointment is a significant risk only a few brave individuals may attempt.

On a great day, all may go well at the salon.

But on a bad day, your request for a one-inch trim to your stylist may tragically turn into four—plus truly ugly bangs. Consider the following commandments for a great haircut.

1. Be Nosy: If you see someone with a haircut you love, don't hesitate. Compliment the person on their cut (who doesn't love flattery) and then ask for the name of their stylist.

2. Choose Carefully: Check out the salons with great reviews and fantastic reputations. Always trust a good word of mouth. Pick a few and — this is critical — go to each for a simple wash and blowout without a cut.

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By having a simple service like a wash and dry, you see whether or not you connect with the stylist and the salon. You can also get a preview of how well the salon is run and check out the other clients' work.

3. Be Yourself: This is not the moment to dress up or down. Stick to your usual everyday hairstyle so your stylist can check out your cuticle shape. Make sure your hair is clean. Be sure to ask.

4. Bring Backup: An image is worth a thousand snips. Take along pictures you found on Gram or Pinterest. You can also take photos of yourself in cuts you did or didn't like. Take a friend who can watch the stylist and ensure they stay consistent with your desired cut.

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5. Get Real: Significant cuts are versatile and look terrific without much styling. Avoid wearing a haircut or style look that fights your hair's texture. You should be happy with your chosen haircut before considering styling it.

6. Sit Up Straight: To get the most precise, balanced cut, don't slump, fidget or cross your legs. As a courtesy to your stylist, stash your intelligent devices only if you're in their chair or hands.

Using your devices under a dryer or waiting for the color to set is okay. Or if your stylist gives you specific permission.

7. Cut Before You Color: Have them done correctly if you want both cut and color. Pre-cut color can look chaotic or, worse, fight the new amount. Get the haircut and then have the dye added.

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8. Avoid Impulse Cuts: One of the most dangerous times for getting a spontaneous haircut is if you have a bad breakup. Or any other significant life changes which may trigger an impulsive need to cut all your strands off .

9. Speak Up: Most top salons and reputable stylists have do-over policies. If you're unhappy, politely let your stylist know. If the cut isn't working after a week, call and ask for a no-charge adjustment cut.

10. Tip With Confidence: Give your stylist 15 to 20 percent; the stylist's assistant 5 percent. The shampoo person is $2 to $5, and $1 or $2 to the coat checker. If someone is rude, feel free to skip that tip.

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If you go to an exceptional high-end salon, you should inquire about the proper tipping policies at the front desk.

Summary - 10 Commandments for a Great Haircut

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you visit the salon for a haircut.

Even more critical is following proper salon etiquette.

This includes always arriving 5-10 minutes early to prepare for your appointment. It also means staying off your smart devices and coming with clean strands.


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