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Haircut Disasters: Reasons


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I had a feeling of dread when I received my third email in a row asking me how to get a "great new haircut for a total instant back-to-school redo". Ahhh, another haircut disaster in the making. Although I strongly advised against doing the dastardly impulsive haircut deed, I am sure that my words fell on mostly deaf, about to be exposed, ears.

Which got my brain buzzing. Over the past years I have received enough daily emails to crash several email systems. As you can imagine, most of the emails follow a similar thread. One of the more prevalent threads relates to why people cut in haste and repent in leisure. In other words, disastrous reasons for impulsive haircuts.

I made a list of the most common and potentially most disastrous reasons for cutting your hair and they include the following:

1. Impulsive need to look instantly different for that first day back to school or to make a dramatic entrance at your reunion, wedding of an old boyfriend, new job or fill in the blanks. When in doubt, don't. Think about it a little bit longer and then don't.

2. To get revenge on a lover. Maybe they liked your hair long or maybe you just want to "cut them out of your life" completely. Or maybe you are going to see them for the first time in a social setting and want to get their attention (see #1 above). Rethink this strategy. You may get their attention but it could evoke shock and horror instead of admiration.

3. Instant age reversal. You want to look older, younger, all of the above. For some reasons taking to the shears seems to be the be all for age reversals. Unless you do it correctly, this type of cut will be the end all to your locks and the beginning of some tears.

4. Change your weight to look thinner or possibly to disguise a budding new chin. This may or may not be a great idea depending on the skill of your stylist and how much advance thought you gave to the idea.

5. To soothe an emotional hurt. Some people reach for the cookies when they are mad, sad, glad. Others reach for the shears. Why not take a deep breath and take a soothing bubble bath or have a wonderful massage. Give yourself a one week cooling off period. Your strands will thank you.

The bottom line? If you decide to get your haircut for any reason other than because you have thought it over in advance, discussed it with your trusted stylist and just want a new look, then you could be headed for a disaster chop that you may regret.

Although hair does grow back, remember that it can take 30 days for your hair to advance 1/2 inch. A major impulsive chop that removes six inches could take you one year to grow back.

Just remember, search your soul and your mirror before you submit to impulsive chopping and you will be glad that you did.

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