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Who Is The Best Hair Restoration Surgeon In The World?

Who Is The Best Hair Restoration Surgeon In The World? Dr. Ray Woods - The Woods Technique

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Many People Ask The Same Question About The Best Restoration Surgeon In The World

People often ask me who the very best hair restoration surgeon is in the entire world.

Honestly? There are some incredibly gifted and talented surgeons.  They are true artisans in the industry.

Restoration surgery is both a science and an art. There is not just one hair restoration surgeon who is the best in the world.

Who Is The Best Hair Restoration Surgeon In The World? Dr. Ray Woods - The Woods Technique

They all have their own individual strengths, which may be perfect for one patient, but not all patients have the same hair loss cases, complications, or considerations.

Some hair restoration patients have had previous surgeries that left them severely scarred.  Those patients need the best of the best scar repair experts.

All Prospective Hair Restoration Patients Must Do Their Own Extensive Research

This fact is why every prospective hair restoration patient must do their own research and due diligence.

Deciding to have hair restoration surgery is a major life-changing medical experience.

As consumer hair loss advocate Spencer Kobren famously says, "once you're cut, you're cut."  There is no going back.

Dr. Ray Woods Of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Ray Woods - The Woods Method

Over the past several months, I have heard from more than one extremely happy hair restoration patient who worked with Dr. Ray Woods of Sydney, Australia, famous for The Wood Technique.

Since inventing FUE in 1989, Dr. Woods has perfected the art of microsurgical hair transplants.

Others claim to provide FUE hair transplants; however, many in the hair restoration industry agree that there is only one master surgeon.

See: To Watch An Interview With Dr. Ray Woods

People Travel From All Over The World To Consult With Dr. Woods

Dr. Woods is so renowned for his work with formerly scarred transplant patients; many of his patients travel from all over the world to have him perform his magic on their scalps.

Dr. Woods established a new standard in ethics and accountability through the Declaration of Patient Rights and Monitoring of Donor Extraction  (M.O.D.E).

Dr. Woods Can Repair Intricate And Complicated Scars

Since 1989, Dr. Woods has explored, developed, and perfected every aspect of this discipline, including intricate and complicated scar repair previously thought to be untreatable.

Recently I was chatting with one such happy patient by the name of RR.

Previously butchered many years ago by a well-known hair loss clinic, RR had consultations with Dr. Woods, who promised he could repair the damage.  The great doctor honored his promises to RR in spades.

Dr. Woods Has Great Compassion And Sympathy For His Patients Who Have Been Scarred

RR reported that Dr. Woods had great compassion and sympathy for his previous bad hair surgery experiences.  Dr. Woods was "a godsend that gave me my life back."

One of the biggest challenges for RR was to get from British Columbia to Australia, which was a 32-hour round trip.

RR reported "his first hair transplant butchery wrecked his whole life.  He became so depressed he lost his girlfriend and his job and became a recluse."

He said, "Thank God the internet had just come out, and I found Dr. Woods."

RR is "extremely happy with the work Dr. Woods did for him.  So happy, in fact, that he had "two surgeries with him over the past few years and would like to have one more touch-up before Dr. Woods retires."

Dr. Woods Is Extremely Skilled With Hairlines As Well As Fixing Scars

RR explained, "my hairline is so soft and natural"  Dr. Woods filled in my (previous) strip scar so good that I can shave my head with a #1 guard.  You can't see the scar unless you're really looking."  That is incredible.

Dr. Woods is considered by many to be one of the best of the very best in the International hair restoration business.

Even though he is in Australia, which can be quite a trip, many who have very special needs will make the trip to have Dr. Woods repair former damage.

Spend As Must Time As Possible Doing Your Research

RR said that for him. Dr. Ray Woods was the best hair restoration surgeon.  That's because RR had previously been seriously scarred by inappropriate surgery.

Is Dr. Ray Woods the best in the world?  He is the inventor of FUE and BHT since 1989 and is the most experienced doctor in this field.

No scalpel, no stitches, no legal disclaimers or technicians are used. Follicular “single” Unit Extraction is performed by Dr. Ray Woods personally.  Monitoring of each and every follicle placement is still a worldwide exclusive.

A Long Plane Ride To Australia, But Totally Worth It

Yes, RR said, "it's a loooong plane ride to Oz, but it's so worth it to me for the peace of mind of knowing that my hairline will be undetectable. Even my own mother can't tell."

One of the most important things a prospective hair restoration patient can do is spend as much time as it takes to identify the best surgeon that specializes in the type of surgical procedures that are best for their situation.

This means doing tons of research, talking to former patients of that surgeon - both happy and unhappy ones - and weighing all the costs and potential long-term issues.

Summary - Is Dr. Ray Woods The Best Hair Restoration Surgeon In The World?

Yes, there are many excellent lists maintained by reputable hair loss consumer advocates.  They can be a great starting point.

Eventually, it is critical you select a surgeon you completely trust and with who you will feel great working with.  Remember, the outcome of your hair restoration surgery can either transform your life in a great or not-so-great way.

Dr. Wood is one of the best hair restoration surgeons in the world for some of his wildly happy patients.  He might not be for everyone, everywhere.

Take your time, do your research, visit Dr. Wood's website, and schedule multiple consultations with several of the best restoration surgeons you can find.  Then pick the one you resonate with the best.

Best wishes to all.

Note:  Neither I nor has any professional, financial, or affiliate relationship of any kind with Dr. Ray Woods or his hair restoration clinic in Australia.

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