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How Do You Find The Best Hair Loss Surgeons And Practitioners?

How Do Find The Best Hair Loss Surgeons And Practitioners? Olga Guryanova -

Since I founded in early 1997, I have repeatedly received the same questions from hair consumers.

Common Consumer Questions About Hair

Besides wanting to know how to grow their hair really fast or 6" overnight, they often want to know how to find the best hair care, professionals.

Sometimes they want to know the best hairstylist or hair extensions, but they also ask how to find the very best hair loss surgeons or practitioners.

There Are No Easy Or Instant Answers

While there is an easy answer to how to grow hair really fast (you can't) or how to grow 6" of hair overnight (buy a wig), no two people with hair loss are the same.

How Do You Find The Best Hair Loss Surgeons And Practitioners? Image by JC Gellidon -

Whether it's a man or a woman, their genetics, hair loss history, and unique story is their own.

What works well for one may be disastrous for others.

The Spears Best Hair Loss Surgeons and Practitioners for HNWs in 2022 In The UK

If you aren't familiar with Spears, they are they're a multi-award-winning wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand.

They publish a series of annual rankings listing top private client advisers and service providers to High Net Worth (HNW) individuals.

Besides a list of recommended Hair Loss Surgeons for HNWs, they provide a wide range of lists for other luxury products and services. The Spears list is created from peer nominations and client feedback.

The company also performs telephone and face-to-face interviews.  They also use data supplied by firms and information gathered from Spear’s editorial and research.

Two Of The Hair Restoration Surgeons On The 2022 Spears List Are On The IAHRS List

How Do You Find The Best Hair Loss Surgeons And Practitioners? Image by Andrew Neel on

Does that mean you should shop for your best hair restoration surgeon from The Spears List?

While I'm unfamiliar with all physicians listed, I have knowledge of two.

Dr. Edward Ball of Hampshire, England, and Dr. Manish Mittal of London, England,

They're the only two surgeons included on The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) list.

The International Alliance Of Hair Restoration Surgeons Is The Gold Standard Of Consumer Lists

How Do You Find The Best Hair Loss Surgeons And Practitioners?

To be included on the IAHRS list, established in 2001, is a big deal.  The IAHRS is the only society to ever be recognized by gold-standard consumer groups.

Those groups include the highly respected Consumer Reports, Consumer’s Digest, and Web M.D.  IAHRS has been recognized for its commitment to patient education and safety.

The IAHRS does not extend an open membership policy to all physicians who practice surgical hair restoration. Its elite membership seeks to represent only the best in the discipline, the true leaders in hair transplant surgery.

Always Start Your Search For A Reputable Surgeon From A Highly Ethical List

Hair Loss Consumer Advocate, Spencer Kobren, has dedicated the past 25+ years to guiding consumers through a shockingly sad hair loss landscape.   He founded the IAHRS to help consumers.

Spencer wants anyone dealing with hair loss to avoid being butchered by unethical, money-grabbing con artists.  Yes, there are many incredibly honest, caring, and ethical surgeons.

Many of those surgeons regularly appear on Spencer's weekly The Bald Truth® show.

Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman have introduced some of the great transplant surgeons to their legions of viewers.  They encourage hair loss consumers to call in with questions.

The Hair Loss Industry Is A Confusing, Scary Place With Lots Of Dangerous Promises

How Do You Find The Best Hair Loss Surgeons And Practitioners?

Besides the prestigious IAHRS list Joe Tillman has also dedicated his life to the hair loss industry. He provides his own list of highly vetted list of surgeons.

Sadly, some will say or do anything to take advantage of emotionally traumatized hair loss patients. Those people don't care if their services result in seriously butchered patients.

Summary - How Do You Find The Best Hair Loss Surgeons And Practitioners?

While I always recommend the IAHRS and Joe Tillman's lists of elite hair restoration surgeons as good starting points, I'm leery of other lists.

A great sales and marketing campaign can sell anything to anyone from a list. The same is true in the current hair loss industry for both men and women.

Yes, many lists claim to include the best hair loss surgeons. Some may not be. Some are highly trustworthy. Always do your own research and ask tons of questions.

Buyers must beware.  It is more critical, if not life-threatening (there are reports of hair transplant-related mortalities) than ever before.

Best wishes to all.

Note: nor I have any business, financial or other affiliation with any of the companies, surgeons, or organizations referenced in this blog.

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