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How To Create An Easy Top Knot Hair Style for Curly Hair

Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot - Images By Paul Mitchell

If you love buns, knots or chignons and routinely put your  textured hair (wavy, curly, coily and/or kinky) into quick ponytails, create this easy hair style on your tresses.

This cool hair knot is simple to style, and to showcases your natural texture and hair color.

It elevates your go-to ponytail into an edgy hairstyle.

The top knot is easy to create.

If your hair gets frizzy after a day or two, that’s when it's great to wear it up in a braid or bun like this topknot.

The top knot hides any frizz or fuzziness much better than a simple ponytail.

Follow the steps below to create this easy top knot hair style for curly hair.

Hair Supplies

Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot - Images By Paul Mitchell

Start by gathering the following items:

Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

Teasing Brush

Paul Michelle Worked Up Hairspray or similar

Hair Blax, bungee or hair elastic

Bobby pins (long to secure hair)


Note: Yes bungees are great to use for this topknot because you can easily adjust them to fit your hair no matter hot thick or textured it might be.

You can also DIY your own hair bungee by putting two bobby pins on opposite sides of a hair elastic.


If you have thin or fine hair, you may wish to use a padded hair bun donut.

Or if you have very dry, frizzy, fuzzy or damaged hair, you may wish to apply leave-in conditioner and/or hair oil to your hair before creating the bun.

Styling Instructions

Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot - Images By Paul Mitchell

This hairstyle works best on either newly washed or aged hair.  Experiment with a variety of hair conditions.


Smooth your hair off your face with a boar bristle brush, your fingers or a teasing brush to control hair.

Pull a few wisps of hair out around hairline.

Gather all of your hair into a very high ponytail with the base centered on the middle of the top of your head halfway between the hairline and back of the head.  Don’t use a brush.  Instead use your fingertips to align your curls and smooth any bumps down.

Secure your pony base with a Blax, bungee or hair elastic.  One of the advantages of using a hair bungee on highly textured hair is that it won't pull, smash or damage strands in any way.

Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot - Images By Paul Mitchell

Apply a quick-drying working spray through hair.

One to try?  Paul Mitchell Flexible-style Fast Drying Sculpting Spray.

Use your fingers and split the newly created ponytail into two equal sections.

Smooth the two new hair sections.

Twist the two sections together to create a loose rope braid.

Pull hair up and towards the front of the hairline as you plaint the strands together.

Don't twist the braid too tightly so you don't accidentally crush or smash your natural waves, curls, coils, kinks or similar.

Secure the finished braid at the end of the plait with a hair friendly elastic.  Use fingers to gently tug at the strands to create added volume.

Wrap ends of the newly twisted rope braid around each other to form a loose top knot.

Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot Easy Curly Twisted Hair Knot - Images By Paul Mitchell

Loosely twist your hair around to form a soft top knot bun.

There is no perfect shape.  Play with your hair until you find the profile you enjoy.

Select long bobby pins to anchor the ends or the twisted rope braid at the base of the bun.

Use fingers to just top knot bun to give it shape.


Complete the look with shine enhancing hairspray.

Or if you don't want to use hair spray, you can take 1 drop of shine serum, apply it to the clean palms of your hands and massage together.  Then lightly brush your palms over the top of your new knot.

Additional Styling Tips

Loosen up!  You don’t want your hair to sit too tightly against your head.

Use your fingertips to pull back your hair and ease any tight spots.

How To Create An Easy Top Knot Hair Style for Curly Hair How To Create An Easy Top Knot Hair Style for Curly Hair - Image by Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved

Do you have frizz? If your second days curls are looking frizzy, spritz them with a leave in conditioner before you begin.

If you’re still worried about flyaways then finish with a spritz of a smoothing, shine enhancing hairspray.

Optional Styling Instructions

If you have thin/fine hair which doesn't create as full a top knot as you like with a two strand twisted plait, you can use a hair donut the same color as your hair to pad our your topknot.

After you smooth your hair up into a top ponytail and secure it into place, slide a hair donut around the base of your ponytail.

Tilt your head forward and use your fingers to fan out your hair over the donut.  Make sure to cover your hair donut completely with your hair.

Twist your hair around and tuck the ends under the donut.  Pin in place with bobby pins if you want extra hold.


The best part of this topknot bun is that you can have lots of fun with it.  Whether you use the twisted bun or the hair donut.  There is no right or wrong way to do this topknot bun.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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