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Argan Oil Beauty That Gives Back

Argan Oil Beauty That Gives Back

DermOrganic® - All Rights Reserved DermOrganic® - All Rights Reserved

DermOrganic® introduced 100% Pure Argan Oil, a 100% Organic moisturizer for hair and skin with a twist.

What makes it unique is the fact it's argan oil beauty that gives back.

It's Fair Trade Beauty anyone can feel good about.  It makes it special in the crowded world of argan oil products.

Argan Oil Is The Beauty Secret For The Ages

Argan Oil is the beauty secret women of the Moroccan desert have known for ages.

DermOrganic® - All Rights Reserved DermOrganic® - All Rights Reserved

Rich in Vitamin E and Omega-6, DermOrganic® 100% Pure Argan Oil provides

the following benefits:

- It's gentle and nourishing to all skin types

- Can be used as a daily base moisturizer

- Works as an intensive skin treatment

- Calms troubled skin

- Repairs split ends

- Smooths out frizz and breaks up curls

- Softens the nail cuticle

- Is  a luxurious bath and body oil

It’s truly the one product anyone can use anywhere, anytime.

Fair Trade Beauty You Can Feel Good About

DermOrganic® DermOrganic® - All Rights Reserved

While Argan Oil isn’t exactly the newest tool in their beauty box, DermOrganic® founder Stephen Mastey waited to introduce his version until he knew he could give something back for every amount he took.

Instead of buying in bulk from middle men of dubious provenance, DermOrganic® 100% Pure Argan Oil is sourced directly from six different local Moroccan Women’s Cooperative.

Each Batch Can Be Traced Back To It's Tree

Cold-pressed from the seeds of organically grown Argan fruit, each batch of Argan Oil made by DermOrganic® can be traced back to the individual tree and harvest from which it was grown.

It contributes directly to improving the socioeconomic and educational status of its community.

And his commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there - DermOrganic® 100% Pure Argan Oil is packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle!

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DermOrganic® lets you feel good about looking good.

Organic & Fragrance-Free Skin Care

100% Pure Argan Oil is the newest add-on to the DermOrganic® Fragrance-Free Skin Care system.

Four simple products based on Aloe Vera, Japanese Yuzu and Botanicollagentm to tighten and reduce the appearance of lines, DermOrganic® Fragrance-Free Skin Care is a daily regimen to cleanse, purify, firm and tone delicate or sensitive skin.

Made with a minimum of 70% organically grown ingredients and available online at or in fine salons everywhere.

DermOrganic® Professional Hair Care & Fragrance Free Skin Care Features

DermOrganic® - All Rights Reserved DermOrganic® - All Rights Reserved

DermOrganic® 100% Pure Argan Oil offers the following features:


No animal testing

No artificial preservatives

Gluten-free & paraben-free

Made without sulfates, salt, sodium chloride, MEA, DEA and artificial colors

Free from propylene glycol, lanolin & mineral oil • pH balanced just like your skin (4.5 - 5.5)

DermOrganic® 100% Pure Argan Oil - 1.7 fl oz (50ml) – Estimated Retail Price $36 - $46 depending upon retail location.

Available for retail at and finer salons.

Summary - About DermOrganic®

DermOrganic® was founded in 1996 by Stephen Mastey with simple idea that when it comes to caring for our hair and skin, less can often mean more.

While the typical person may only use these products once a day, our professional stylists and estheticians use them many times a day for a lifetime!

With that in mind Stephen, the fourth generation in a family of stylists and chemists, creates each formula using ingredients which replenish from the outside nutrients hair & skin need inside for health and vitality –while avoiding the harsh, synthetic stuff found in traditional cosmetic formulas.

Note: was not paid for the information provided in this blog. also did not receive any products or in-kind services for this blog.

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