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How To Trim Hair To Make It Grow

How To Trim Hair To Make It Grow

Hairstylist Cutting Hair - Courtesy Empire Beauty School - All Rights Reserved Hairstylist Cutting Hair - Courtesy Empire Beauty School - All Rights Reserved

If travel, time and money were no object, I would fly to New York City and beg celebrity colorist Rita Hazan to tend to my blonde hues.

When Rita Hazan talks, I always top and listen.  Recently she addressed the how to trim hair to make it grow myth on

Trimming Your Hair To Make It Grow Is A Fact

Hazan confirmed the old wives' tale to trim your hair for growth is based in fact.

Cutting Hair - - All Rights Reserved Cutting Hair - - All Rights Reserved

Many people mistakenly believe since hair grows from the scalp, trimming it for growth is a myth.

The Internationally known celebrity hair colorist explained “your hair splits from the ends.  If your hair is splitting, you’re never going to get the length out of it."

Why?  "Because it (the hair) keeps splitting and getting really fine and thin."

Cut Your Hair Every Six To Eight Weeks

Rita Hazan - Root Lift Product - Rita Hazan - All Rights Reserved Rita Hazan - Root Lift Product - Rita Hazan - All Rights Reserved

Hazan suggests if you are serious about growing your hair you should "cut it every six to eight weeks, or two to three even, and you’ll have cleaner ends and you’ll see the length growing.”

Cutting your hair doesn't have to result in a lot of loss.

Hazan suggests "hair dusting, which involves just trimming the very tip of your hair to help it grow out."

What Is Hair Dusting?

Hair dusting consists of a micro trim along the very ends of the length of hair.  The trimmed hair resembles a very fine dust.

Hair - - All Rights Reserved Hair - - All Rights Reserved

Ends can be dusted to remove splits before they become out of control.

Hair Dusting + Search & Destroy

Some people who dust their own hair combine the method with Search & Destroy (S&D), a term invented by The Long Hair Community's TeacherBear.

S&D, unlike dusting, which is a uniform trimming, invovles snipping just the split or damaged hair a few millimeters above the start of the damage. S&D takes much more time and can be very tedious.

I've been doing hair dusting on my own hair for many years.  With my method I twist groups of hair to look for splits.

Rita Hazan - All Rights Reserved Rita Hazan - All Rights Reserved

Other times I just spread the hair out and look for damage. My damage isn't just on the ends. Some damage is further up the strand.

More About Rita Hazan

Rita Hazan is a fearless hair color goddess.  She's one of the world's most sought after color masters.

When you talk about celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan it’s probably more appropriate to talk about what stars have not had their hair colored by Rita Hazan than those who have.

If you’re looking at the alphabetical listing the list of her celebrity clients includes 132 names ranging from 50 Cent to Winona Ryder.

Rita Hazan Salon

Address: 720 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019 Phone:(212) 586-4343

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