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Barbershop News

Barbershop News

REAMIRBarborshop-26_300h REAMIR & Co Barbershop - All Rights Reserved

Reamir & Co made Barbership News when they announced their plans in the past to revitalize the beloved barbershop experience.

The New York's upscale Barber Shop announced theor commitment to bringing back the conventional art of hair cutting with a modern twist.

Nostalgia Of The Barbershop Past

The upscale Barber Shop chain revived the nostalgia of the barbershop past with scissor cuts, razor shaving and royal treatment.

All of the Reamir & Co barber shops are spruced up with chandeliers and colorful paintings, sharp, clean cut and well-trimmed from every angle.

Convenience And Value

In today’s busy world convenience and value are essential.

Over the years, this reputable men’s parlor has proven to be one of the most trustworthy barber shops in the area with the highest customer satisfaction.

REAMIRBarboshop-27_300h REAMIR & Co Barbershop - All Rights Reserved

Reamir&Co has made a trip to the barber shop an experience like no other.

Celebrity Barbershop Clients

Besides their numerous celebrity clients Reamir & Co serves thousands of regular customers.

Their reputation has not gone unnoticed.  When Regis and Kelly Live were looking for a barbershop to tape part of segment for a wedding episode they turned to Reamir and Co.

The famous Reamir & Co. barbers cut Regis’ hair on the show at their Upper West side location.

Founder And CEO Of Reamir & Co.

Arthur Babadzhanov is the founder and CEO of Reamir & Co. the man behind the vision to bring artistry back to the barber shop.

Arthur is inspired by his father’s classic approach to barber shop artistry. “I am revitalizing the old art of cutting hair with scissors and comb.

People appreciate the extra time and the care that a classic hair cut takes, and the results are significantly better than electric trimmers.

REAMIRBarboshop-28_300h REAMIR & Co Barbershop - All Rights Reserved

I hear all the time how they’ll never get a hair cut with the machine ever again,” says Arthur with a grin.

American Barber Institute

Currently, the barber shop is working together with the state- of- the- art American Barber Institute (A.B.I.) to set the standard for exceptional service for the modern man providing the best value for the experience to feel good and look great.

A.B.I. School of Barbering and Cosmetology is licensed by the Education Department of the State of New York and Reamir & Co is now staffing A.B.I. graduates to apprentice at their select locations.

To further expand on their long years of great service and experience not only has Reamir & Co teamed up with A.B.I; it opened up three new shops in New York City with their ultra-modern flagship store located on East 57th street.

Additionally Reamir&Co has developed a natural men’s hair product line that will become available to the public after the beginning of the New Year.

The line includes shampoos, gels with conditioner, and other unique grooming products.

Reamir & Co. Barbershops

Barborshop-30_300h Image - REAMIR & Co Barbershop - All Rights Reserved

Locations512 Columbus Ave. New York, NY 10024

(between 84 & 85 Street)

212-496-41882587 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

(between 97 & 98 Street)

212-222-2992251 E 57th street New York, NY 10022

(between 2nd & 3rd Avenue)


303 Columbus Ave. New York, NY 10023

(between 74 & 75 street)


141 E 44th street, New York, NY 10017

(between Lexington & 3rd Avenue)


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