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Presidential Candidates With Best Hair Aren't Guaranteed A Win

Presidential Candidates With Best Hair Aren't Guaranteed A Win

Columnist Peter Funt wrote a column titled Hair Raising which was published in The Wall Street Journal on August 22nd.   Funt put forth the treatise that the winner in presidential elections is often the guy (or gal) with the best haircut.

Is this true?  Funt is not some kind of crazy political scientist.  Nor is he a right-win loon who seriously believes that hair follicles have anything to do with winning the highest office in the land.

Funt was simply sharing a political parody.  He had no political agenda whatsoever.  If anything, he was demonstrating how the filter through which many people now evaluate news and related information is clouded by bias.  As a result, Funt argues that the news content and info, especially provided via the Web and cable-TV is becoming dangerously devalued.

Funt has hit the nail on the head in pointing out the devaluation of information provided on the Web and through cable.

The devaluation of news content which Funt points to isn't limited to just political news.  It actually covers every imaginable topic from politics to hair, beauty, fashion and health care.

Misinformation is one of the most dangerous trends on the Internet today.  It's no surprise that Funt's innocent attempt at political satire about the high priced coifs of  politicians spiraled out of control.  The lines between new fluff and read news  were crossed.  Although Funt was obviously poking fun at hair worn by presidential candidates, his lighthearted hair banter was referenced as serious.

From that point the puff piece spiraled out of control until the parody was listed by The Atlantic magazine's website as one of the day's five best news pieces, even though it was always meant to be a parody and not actual news.

Funt reflected upon the crazy series of events surrounding his political hair satire and noted that the behavior of  much of the modern media "is a sad reflection of the new politics that is wrecking out country.  He pointed out the media paints everything as "either black or white, left or right, and absolute. There’s no room for compromise, and no tolerance for anything beyond the borders rigid ideology."

Funt notes he has "no idea if the candidate with the best haircut will win."

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