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Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care

Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care

PaulinaNovember1984-74_400h Cosmopolitan Magazine - 1984 Issue - Paulina Cover - Hearst - All Rights Reserved

Do you ever wonder what happened to hair care products from the past?  Take Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care as an example.

What became of this highly touted hair care line from the world famous cosmetics company?  Good question.

November 1984 Cosmopolitan Magazine Advertisement

The November 1984 edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine featuring a stunning Paulina Porizkova cover, contained a double page advertisement announcing EstéeLauder's brand new Swiss Hair Care product line.

The double paged ad which appeared on the 33nd and 34th page of the 350+ magazine was black and white.

Nestled Between Multi-colored Anais Anais And Maybelline Advertisements

The two page Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care Lauder ad was nestled between a multi-colored double page spread for Anais Anais' Le premier parfume de Cachareland and a multi-hued full page Maybelline eye shadow advertisement.

The Anais Anais double page ad was not only exploding with gorgeous color, it contained a perfume sample strip and an pull-out order form.

EsteeLauderAd-76_400h Black & White Advertisement For Estee Lauder Swiss Hair Care - Cosmopolitan Magazine - November 1984 - Hearst Magazine - All Rights Reserved

Elusive Black And White Advertiseing

Truth be told, I completely missed the  Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care announcement the first few times I flipped through the 30 year old print magazine.

The  Estée Lauder tagline for the Swiss Hair Care product line simply stated  "Now.  Shampoo your hair all the way to glorious."

Swiss Hair Care Line Introduction

Underneath the tag line, the advertisement, which featured a brunette model towel blotting her damp hair stated "Estée Lauder introduces her new Swiss Hair Care"

Although the add promised hair that shines and swings, the details were limited.

Two New Dynamic Shampoos For Your Hair?

The ad promises that the new Swiss Hair Care line starts with two new dynamic shampoos your hair can thrive on and goes on from there with super-achievers in conditioning and control.

According to the Cosmo magazine advertisement "the new shampoos have restorative powers for all kinds of hair."

EsteeLauderAd-79_400h Advertisement - Copyright - Estée Lauder - 1984 - Photograph - Skrebneski - All Rights Reserved


Additionally the advertisement states "The new conditioners help mend split ends and breakage without heavily coating your hair or making it limp."

In addition "The new controllers help take charge of even the most frustrating problems such as flyaways and shape loss."

Cleanse, Condition, Control

Unlike new hair or product advertisements you might find in current times, the Swiss Hair Care advertisement does not contain any images of the bottles.

At the bottom of the ad is the promise "Today your hair needs the most sophisticated help it can get.  And this is it."

The list of the products in the new Swiss Hair Care line follows the promise including:

Cleanse: Swiss Daily Shampoo and Swiss Treatment Shampoo

Condition:  Swiss Instant Conditioner and Swiss Intensive Conditioner

Control:  Swiss Natural Hairspray, Swiss Hair Control Gel and Swiss Styling Mousse

What Happened To The Swiss Hair Care Line?

My late mother was a die hard fan of anything Estée Lauder.  It's very possible she purchased the Swiss Hair Care line, but I honestly don't remember.  

I do remember her make-up table filled with an array of  Estée Lauder skin care and fragrances.

Why did the famous cosmetic giant discontinue the Swiss Hair Care line?  There could be a wide range of reasons.  It's possible the Swiss Daily Hair Care line didn't perform as expected in the marketplace.  Z

EsteeLauderSwissShampoo_300h Estee Lauder Hair - Swiss Daily Shampoo - - All Rights Reserved

It's also possible since the company was famous for skin care, cosmetics and fragrances consumers were less enamored of their Swiss Hair Care line.

Regardless of the reasons for the disappearance of The Swiss Hair Care Line, the company jumped into hair care in a major way when they acquired Aveda in 1997, followed by Bumble and Bumble and Ojon™ .

Summary - Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care

Although I did a comprehensive search for information on the non defunct Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care, I wasn't able to find any information about how long the hair care line was available, how well if sold or when and why it was ultimately discontinued.

I am curious and would love to know all the details, but it's probably one of the many mysteries hair consumers may never totally uncover.

One thing is true, print advertising has changed drastically since those Cosmo ads in the 1984 November edition.

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