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How To Look Glam At 75 Or Older

How To Look Glam At 75 Or Older

In the August 2011 issue of Bazaar Magazine the always glam Evelyn Lauder was featured.  Evelyn Lauder, married to Estée's son, Leonard, has a long list of stunning accomplishments which set her apart.

Besides her famous nose which drives her phenomenal success as the commanding force behind the Estée Lauder fragrance empire, Evelyn is a renowned photographer, gardener and art collector.

(Image of L-R, Elizabeth Hurley, Evelyn Lauder and Hilary Rhoda at The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Sweet Sixteen at the Hot Pink Party, April 2010 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

What is most interesting to me about Evelyn is how glam she looks as she approaches her 75th birthday.  Of course I have always been fascinated by the life of her mother-in-law, so I found Evelyn just as interesting and amazing.

New York Times Profile

A 1995 profile in The New York Times called her "an immaculately turned-out, awesomely organized woman" who had started to fill the public role that had been filled by her mother-in-law, Estée Lauder.

Not only does this inspirational woman look absolutely fabulous, she was willing to share her personal beauty secrets with Bazaar Magazine.  Of course it doesn't hurt that Evelyn has access to some of the most spectacular beauty products in the world under the Estée' Lauder empire.

A Living Example Of The Company

She told Bazaar "All these years, I've been an example for the company, and for me it's important to take advantage of the opportunities I have."

And she does keep up.  She keeps up with everything in terms of health, fitness, nutrition, skin care, hair and nails.

She also works hard at looking great taking the information she finds to heart.

Special Beauty Secrets To Look Decades Younger Then 75

Her special beauty secrets which keep her looking decades younger than 75?  They're condensed and listed below.

As you read her amazing program keep in mind that not all of these secrets will work for everyone and that you should customize products to your own hair, skin and physical needs.

1.  Evelyn tends to her teeth at home but does nothing extreme.  She believes it's important to maintain and attractive smile as you age.

2.  The famous fragrance guru dyes her own hair every 10 days with Clairol at-home hair color.  She mixes the contents of four boxes to achieve her own unique shade of brown.

3.   She is fanatical about sunscreen and never leaves the house without an SPF30 from Crème de la Mer.

4.  When she's out in her garden she protects her skin by staying covered up with a big straw hair, sunglasses and a caftan (when she wears a bathing suit).

5.   Evelyn alternates her moisturizer using Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv one week and Crème de la Mer the next so that her skin never gets tired of either.

6.  At night she slathers on heavy cream on "my neck all the way down to in between my breasts".

7.  Addressing her facial needs she dabs on Perfectionist (CP+) for fine lines and Idealist to minimize pores.

8.  She always removes her makeup with Take It Away cleansing sheets.

9.  Besides having a trainer who comes to her house three days a week, she walks 8 blocks to her office every day in good weather.

10.  Since maintaining a great figure is important to her, Evelyn also plays tennis every week and will go hiking with her husband of 52 years.  She said "we cold do 18 miles in two days."

11.  When she can she also "swims daily, sometimes twice", cross-country skis and will even swim out of doors, even in the dead of winter.

12.  She believes strongly in low fat and has been following a low fat nutritional plan for 40 years.

Although the beauty confesses to no Botox or fillers, she is open to the idea.  She also told Bazaar that her famous mother-in-law didn't believe you should have a face lift until you are in your 60s.

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