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Bleach Bowl Haircut

Bleach Bowl Haircut

Mackenzie-2_250h Mackenzie Davis - "That Awkward Moment" Los Angeles Premiere - Regal Cinemas L.A. Live / Los Angeles, CA, USA 01/27/2014 - Photographer: Janice Ogata /

Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis in her role as Cameron Howe in AMC's Halt and Catch Fire showcases a classic Bleach Bowl Haircut.

In interviews about her AMC role, Mackenzie has likened her on-screen platinum blonde, fringe heavy hairstyle, to Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) in the 1980s period series, Some Kind Of Wonderful.

Since AMC's Halt and Catch Fire is set in 1980s Texas, the chunky bleach bowl haircut is a perfect on-screen hairstyle for the tomboyish Cameron Howe.

As a naturalized Texan and long time member of the software engineering world who just happens to be obsessed with hair, I'm madly in love with the series.

Spectacular Bowl Hairstyle Bleached And Cut To Perfection

Whenever I watch an episode I'm riveted by Cameron's spectacular bowl hairstyle which is bleached and cut to perfection.

AMC's production team has done a spectacular job of styling Mackenzie as a highly intelligent female tech prodigy who outsmarts her eccentric boss Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) at every turn.

Mackenzie-1_250h Mackenzie Davis - "That Awkward Moment" Los Angeles Premiere - Regal Cinemas L.A. Live / Los Angeles, CA, USA 01/27/2014 - Photographer: Janice Ogata /

Not only does Mackenzie's aggressive character outsmart MacMillan in the work environment, she succeeds in manipulating him into an intimate off-work contentious relationship.

Antithesis of Southern Beauty

Mackenzie's bleach bowl haircut on Halt and Catch Fire gives her a sassy hard edge which covers up her inner vulnerabilities.

Her thrift-store style wardrobe works in harmony with her anti-feminine haircut which is the complete antithesis of Southern beauty during the 80s.  

The haircut and clothing instantly establishes her anarchist attitude and elevates her into a prominent position in the male-dominated technology world.  

The actress told Vanity Fair when discussing her iconic hair cut “it’s supposed to look like she cut it in the bathroom sink and dyed it that dirty color herself.”

How To Recreate - Bleach Bowl Haircut

To copy Mackenzie's hairstyle, start with a precision bowl haircut created by your favorite hairstylist.

Be sure and take large clear images  of Mackenzie's short bowl haircut from all angles to use as an opening discussion point with your stylist about the cut your desire.

AdamLevineBlonde-3_250h THE VOICE -- "Upfronts Season 7 VTR" -- Pictured: (l-r) Platinum Haired Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC) Monday, May 5 at The Voice Stage - 2014 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Once you have the bowl or similar short hair cut, talk with your hair colorist and arrange to go platinum blonde.

Let your colorist guide you with the best way to take your hair to the white blonde you desire. Experts recommend you never bleach your hair at home, especially if you've never gone platinum blonde before.

Bleached Blonde Hair Looks Stunning On All Skin Tones

Bleached blonde hair like Mackenzie's, as long as it's kept properly conditioned, can look stunning with any skin tone.

Although there are exceptions to every rule, most hair experts believe stark platinum blonde looks best on short hair.

NeNeLeakes-4_250h E! SPECIALS -- Nene Leakes Special -- Pictured: Nene Leakes -- (Photo by: Chris McKay/E! Entertainment) Monday December 16 on E! (10-11 p.m. ET/PT) 2013 E! Entertainment Media, LLC

The longer the hair, the more risk there is of damage from the extreme processing which happens during a bleaching process.

The good news about bleached blonde hair, whether cut into a bowl, chop, crop or pixie, it can look great on all ages and sexes.

A good case in point? The Voice judge Adam Levine who went platinum a few months ago.

It's a well-known fact bleached hair usually requires high maintenance, especially on hair which grows fast.

Although dark roots are considered more socially acceptable than ever before, many people still don't like the highly visible regrowth common with white blonde hair.

Keeping Bleach Blonde Hair Looking Great

GwenStefani-5_250h THE VOICE -- Pictured: Gwen Stefani -- (Photo by: Pete Black) Mondays on NBC (8-10 p.m. ET) and Tuesdays (8-9 p.m. ET) © Pete Black

The key to keeping bleach blonde hair hair looking great includes the following steps:

1. Cleanse bleached hair only when needed to avoid dehydration and/or acceleration of hair color fading.

2. Avoid washing hair with hot water which may cause hair to become even more dehydrated.

3.  Use a blue or violet-tinged shampoo product like {{asin=B0073B3F06,text=Pantene Silver Expressions}} or similar once a week which  neutralizes brassy tones.

Note:  If your hair is exceptionally dry, consider diluting the shampoo instead of using it full strength. Optionally you can pre-treat dry tresses before cleansing with jojoba oil.

TarynManningPRPhotos62314-10_250h Taryn Manning at Logo TV’s “Trailblazers” Pride Event & Telecast at Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City June 23, 2014 – ©PRN /

4.  Avoid using any type of styling products with alcohol since they can dull the platinum blonde hue over time.

5.  Always finish with a silicone shine enhancing product like {{asin=B00E9RJKVA,text=Paul Mitchell Smoothing Gloss Drops}} or similar. Use drops or a spray applied to the palms of the hands. Lightly swipe the gloss product over the top of dry hair to add instant softness and sheen.

6. Protect bleached hair from excessive sun exposure. Not only can sun exposure cause color fading, it can dehydrate strands.

 Summary - Bleach Bowl Haircut

AMC's new Halt and Catch Fire showcases a classic Bleach Bowl Haircut on Cameron Howe who is brilliantly played by actress Mackenzie Davis.

Although Cameron's bleached blonde short choppy bowl haircut is designed to represent the 80s, her white blonde tresses are timely considering many hair, beauty and fashion experts have indicated that 2014 is the year of the white hot blonde.

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