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Side Flat Hair Twists

Side Flat Hair Twists

HeidiKlum-4_250h Heidi Klum at 2nd Annual Up2Us Gala in New York City - Arrivals - Mercedes-Benz Manhattan - New York City, NY, USA - © MJ Photos / - 05/14/2014

In June of 2013 Khloe Kardashian set the hair world abuzz with her version of side flat hair twists  showcased at a celebrity event for the Kardashia family line of self-tanners.

Khloe's edgy braided side hairstyle was perfect for Summer and her sheer sassy shirt with all worked in perfect harmony.

Jennifer Aniston wore similar flat hair twists at the 2013 Spike Guys' Choice Awards as did the always fetching Carmen Electra who wore a version of side flat hair twists at a variety of red carpet events, setting the hair twist trend on fire.

The side flat hair twists which The Huffington Post deemed a hot new hair trend, is still going strong in 2014.  Celebrities are still adopting versions of the braided hairdo.

HeidiKlum-5_250h Heidi Klum at 2nd Annual Up2Us Gala in New York City - Arrivals - Mercedes-Benz Manhattan - New York City, NY, USA - © MJ Photos / - 05/14/2014

Super Model, actress and TV star Heidi Klum demonstrated her own version of side flat hair twists (which some might say are more like cornrows than twists) at the 2nd Annual Up2Us Gala in New York City in May of this year.

The beautiful blonde was also spotted with a similar side twisted/braided hairstyle at the Mariah Carey concert just two days later at Rockefeller Center.

Step By Step - How To Create Side Flat Hair Twists

Although the flat twist/braided side hairstyle looks complicated, it's really not, especially if you can recruit your hairstylist or best friend to create the side flat hair twists for you.

Some people prefer twists, others opt for cornrows which are longer lasting.  Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to do this side twisted/braided hairstyle.  Experiment with different designs and have fun.

Note:  Secure each twist with hair-friendly Blax in the same color as your hair.  You can also use tiny bobby pins positioned in an X format, but these may not hold as securely as the Blax.

Basic Side Flat Hair Twists Steps

Follow the steps below to recreate a similar version of Heidi Klum's hairstyle:

The style is pretty basic as long as you know how to do flat twists.

HeidiKlum-6_250h Heidi Klum at 2nd Annual Up2Us Gala in New York City - Arrivals - Mercedes-Benz Manhattan - New York City, NY, USA - © MJ Photos / - 05/14/2014

-  Begin by parting detangled damp hair (newly cleansed or spritzed with a water bottle) near the left ear all the way towards the back of the head.

-  Apply a light styling cream to the palms of your hands and massage well.  Use fingers to apply a little cream and/or pomade to the newly parted section. which you can create with a long tail comb or your fingers.    If you like to seal your hair or find it necessary, you can layer a pomade on top of the first layer of cream.

-  Make sure cream and/or pomade is completely distributed through each section you decide to twist or braid.

Flat Twists

Follow the steps below to create flat twists which can be created from the front of the head back or vice versa:

HeidiKlum-7_250h Heidi Klum at 2nd Annual Up2Us Gala in New York City - Arrivals - Mercedes-Benz Manhattan - New York City, NY, USA - © MJ Photos / - 05/14/2014

1. After you part the section of hair you wish to start to flat twist, lift a small section of hair in the front (or from the back if you prefer).

2. Split the section in two pieces of hair.

3.  Twist the two sections around each other once or twice.

4.  Hold your right section down towards the scalp.

5.  Pick up a little more hair, adding it to that section.

6.  Cross the section over to your left.

7.  The left section now becomes your right section.

8.  Hold it down towards the scalp. Grab a tiny bit of hair, add it to that section, then cross over.

9.  Continue this process until you get to the ends of the hair.  Ultimately you keep picking up hair and keep moving.

10.  Secure the ends with a clear elastic or Blax or one which is the same color or your hair.

Note:  Do NOT use rubber bands which can damage hair when added and/or removed from the hair.

11.  Repeat all the steps above and create as many or as few twists as you wish.

Heidi-8_250h Heidi Klum - Mariah Carey in Concert on NBC's "Today Show" at Rockefeller Center in New York City - May 16, 2014 Photographer: MJ Photos /

Note:  To make sure the flat twist isn't too tight, which can actually cause headaches in some cases, only wrap the twist 2-3 times so that the twist is neither too tight nor too loose.

When this hairstyle is created on wet or damp hair, the twists may tend to shrink as they dry unlike when created on bone dry hair which allows the hair to extend and stretch out a little bit.

Summary - Side Flat Hair Twists

Flat hair twists aren't complicated.  I first learned to do them in my braiding school while I was working on my cosmetology license.

Don't get discouraged if they don't immediately look perfect. Practice makes perfect.  If you have a mannequin head available, it's a great way to practice.

There really is no right or wrong way to create side flat hair twists or similar braids.  Whether you do just one or a series, it's up to what type of look you are trying to create.

Remember, the key is to create a hairstyle all your own and have fun in the process.


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