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Why You Changed Your Hair Color

Why You Changed Your Hair Color?

OliviaWilde1_250h L-R - Christina Applegate, Sean Hayes, Olivia Wilde - Trae Patton/NBC - All Rights Reserved - "Show Me Your Music, I'll Show Your Mine"- Hollywood Game Night - Episode 207

Olivia Wilde has been quoted as saying "I used to experiment all the time with my hair color."

Certainly Olivia is considered a fashion icon and style setter on the Red Carpet.

It makes sense from a number of reasons why she would change her {{asin=B001E95GR8,text=hair color}} on a regular basis to keep with current trends and fashions.

Olivia's been platinum blonde, deep dark chocolate and every shade in between since the very beginning of her amazing acting career.

Celebrities Change Hair Color As Often As Clothes

Lots of celebrities change their {{asin=B000KOHTQ4,text=hair color}} as often as they change their clothes.The advantage they have over us mere hair humans is they have access to some of the very best hair colorists in the world.

If they dip into the hair color pots and mess us their tresses, they have some of the best hair colorists on their speed dial.

Most of their fans have no idea what may have happened during their last DIY hair disaster.

There are so many reasons anyone makes any type of life change. Thinking back, the big question is why you changed your hair color?

OliviaWildeWikiepedia1_250h Olivia Wilde - Independent Spirit Awards - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

Primary Reasons Why You Changed Your Hair Color

Listed below are some of the key reasons most people have changed their hair color:

1.  Celebrity Changes - You are inspired by a celebrity or celebrities wearing a fabulous new hair color.

2.  Career Makeover - In order to reboot your career you changed your hair color.

3.  Boredom Issues - Life seemed ho hum.  You decided to go lighter, darker or brighter in order to add excitement to your life.

4.  Age Concerns -  The gray strands were creeping in and you decided to banish them from your strands.

5.  Your Heart - You just experienced a breakup, want to make a lover jealous or want to attract a new lover.

6.  Family Advice - Your family suggested you cover the gray, go lighter or darker or add some color zing.

7.  Other Reasons - Your dog appears to prefer blondes, your red hair scared your cat, your skin looked washed out.

8.  All Or None - Maybe you change your hair color for all the reasons listed, or none of them.

OliviaWildePregnant2014-4_250h Olivia Wilde - Golden Globes - 2014 - Paul Drinkwater - NBC - All Rights Reserved

Summary - Why You Changed Your Hair Color

While it's true having the same hair color all the time can be boring, a career downer, aging or preventing you from a true love connection, it can also be very comforting to be able to count on a dependable hair hue.

Major hair changes - which hair color usually encompasses, may not be in the cards for everyone.

Why you changed your hair color is obviously a personal matter and will be different for each person.

Bottom line?  Whatever color your hair is should be whatever makes you feel fabulous.

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