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Hairstylist Nelson Vercher's Hair For Costello Tagliapietra's 2014 Show

Hairstylist Nelson Vercher's Hair For Costello Tagliapietra's 2014 Show

FashionWeekSpringSummer 2014Costello Tagliapietra-Braids_250h FashionWeekSpringSummer 2014Costello Tagliapietra-Braids - - Photos by Gustavo Villar - All Rights Reserved

Some of the world's best hair, beauty and nail experts were behind the beautiful looks at the Costello Tagliapietra’s Spring Summer 2014 show which took place in the Fall of 2013.

The Spring Summer 2014 fashion shows are a harbinger of the hair, beauty, nails and fashions trends for the current Spring 2014 season.

Lead hairstylist Nelson Vercher's hair for Costello Tagliapietra's Spring Summer 2014 Show in the Fall of 2013 was in perfect harmony with the fashion show's theme.  Vercher presented hairstyles which are now popular as we move into Spring of 2013.

Costello Tagliapietra Fashions Set Women Free

Tagliapietra's fashion designs were created for women who feel as if they can’t express their personal style in a corporate office setting and Costello Tagliapietra has just set them free.

The Spring Summer 2014 fashions presented back in the Fall of 2013 were all very structured and classic, yet in colors of turquoise, navy blue, green, orange along with some color blocking.

Those beautiful colors and fashions are now popping up everywhere for Spring of 2014.

Loose Braids With A Few Fly-A-Way Tresses

Hairstylist Nelson Vercher for New York's Rita Hazan salon styled all of the models with a loose braid worn with just a few fly-a-way strands  flowing freely in front. It was a perfect combination.

The braids and the soft loose strands around the hairline were striking yet sensual while looking finished with a whimsical twist. Vercher is best known for the modern, sexy, approachable styles he creates.

Elegant, Modern Sexy Hairstyles

Hairstylist Vercher told “The inspiration of the hair was for the girl who always goes away and loves to go away. This hairstyle is elegant, modern, and has a sexy ease."

FashionWeekSpringSummer 2014Costello Tagliapietra-Braids2_250h Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014: Costello Tagliapietra - - Photos by Gustavo Villar - All Rights Reserved

The famed hairstylist used {{asin=B0049DQSA0,text=René Furterer}} products for the model's runway hairstyles.

To create the braided hairstyles on all the models he first utilized {{asin=B000ULRBSI,text="dry shampoo"}}.

He then applied "a thermal water mist and finished with a {{asin=B002EA3K6A,text=spray volumizer."}} The model's tresses were stunning, to say the least.

Make-up By Lead Artist Maki Ryoke

Vercher's beautiful braids were enhanced by make up provided by lead artist Maki Ryoke who used MAC on all the models.

The makeup kept simple but stunning with mint green and lavender eye shadow colors pressed onto the models lids. Fresh faced and nothing else but some lip gloss- these models looked ready to rock the traditional take on business casual.

Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014: Costello Tagliapietra

Michelle Saunders Lead Manicurist For Essie

The lead manicurist for Essie, shared her vision for the nails of the models.  She said “the manicure for this show is a true navy look. We were inspired by the sandals the models are wering in the show and wanted to tame down the color blocking with a neutral."

FashionWeekSpringSummer 2014Costello Tagliapietra-Braids3_250h FashionWeekSpringSummer 2014Costello Tagliapietra-Braids3_250h - Photos by Gustavo Villar - All Rights Reserved

Michelle Saunders said "even navy is now considered a neutral. Using Essie’s color Midnight Cami, a rich navy blue, and then Essie’s Mademoiselle on top, this brings out the hues of the navy. Add a matte top coat and now the nail effect is leather.”

Summary - Hairstylist Nelson Vercher's Hair For Costello Tagliapietra's 2014 Show

Hairstylist Nelson Vercher describes his hairstyling signature as forward, but classic.  It's high fashion meets street and sexy.

He certainly stayed true to his signatures for the 2014 Spring Summer Costello Tagliapietra's Show.

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