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Hair Memories

Hair Memories

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

Willa Cather in My Antonia said "In the course of twenty crowded years, one parts with many illusions.  I did not wish to lose the early ones.  Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again."

Ms. Cather's words are very true for me now as I am up to my roots in hair memories while I work on moving the location after almost 14 years in the same place.

Of course I knew that this day was coming for more than 12 months.  I've been sorting, cleaning, pitching, packing and donating hair and beauty products for most of 2013.

As I go through various parts of the warehouse, which covers 12,800 square feet, I find many hair memories which I know are reality and others which were definitely illusions.

When my friends ask me what it's like to pack up warehouse for our move, I tell them to imagine cleaning out a closet that's hasn't been cleaned out in 14  years.  Except that the closet extends almost 13,000 square feet.

Every day I find more hair related products, accessories or tools I had completely forgotten about.  I'm also finding little items left behind by the many team members who've passed through these doors and left for a wide variety of reasons.

In the span of a week I found old veterinary bills for a former employee's sick cat, a drawer full of movie stub receipts, grocery lists and even photo albums of former team member family members.

Phytodefrisant Phytodefrisant

As I uncover all of these odds and ends I stop and ponder my memories of those people.  I also wonder if time has changed my perception about them.

Since I tend to have a major strain of pack rat in my DNA, I force myself to follow the wisdom of William Morris  who wisely said "have nothing in your do not know to be useful or...beautiful."

Unfortunately as I sort, shift, pick and pack through over 50,000 hair accessories of every size, shape, color and style, I find myself constantly asking whether the accessory is useful, beautiful or needs to be donated to the local shelters.  Every decision is a hard one and often I pause before I move forward.

Each hair accessory line triggers old hair memories.  I often remember the name of the first rep, the first items we ordered and even the best sellers.  

Special Hair Memories About Phyto

Take the Phyto line of hair care for example.  HairBoutique was the very first Internet retail site to carry Phyto products.

I clearly remember the name of our first New York rep, what was in the first shipment, besides Phytodefrisant, and how cool the glass bottles were.

Hair memories, like grief, wash over me in waves.  Some days all I care about is packing everything up in the most efficient way.  Other days I remember lots of details about hair care products which has disappeared, celebrity hair stylists who fell out of public favor, even the amazing Leland Hirsh of ARTec who was one of my favorite hair gurus back in the day.

Octopus Hair Clips Octopus Hair Clips

Luckily for all our long term fans and customers we're holding a huge moving sale which everything in our warehouse marked off 40% or more.  After we move and start to restock, the sale will no longer be applicable.

If you're interested in getting some really great deals on some of our best products, be sure to stop by before the moving vans roll up to the front door.

When people ask me what it's like to pack up after 14 years, I tell them it's a lot like moving out of the family home after the same number of years.  The only difference?  It's a very big home to pack up and move.

Meanwhile the hair memories continue to fly through my head as I try to stay focused on do the William Morris sorting on beautiful and practical while I wonder if my memories are reality of just me being a little bit crazy.

As always, if you have hair memories of your own you would love to share, I would love to hear them.

Don't forget for the next few weeks the Warehouse sale will be happening.  Please help me avoid packing by taking advantage of the great deals.

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