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Dangerous Hairdresser Guarantees

Introduction - Dangerous Hairdresser Guarantees

Hairstylist Blowing Out A Client's Hair - Photo Courtesy of Hairstylist Blowing Out A Client's Hair - Photo Courtesy of

One of the most important parts of a hairdresser's job is to set clear expectations.

Dangerous hairdresser guarantees provided to uninformed clients may result in problems for the hairdresser, client and the salon. Even the reputation of the hair industry as a whole.

While the economy is still challenging on many fronts, many hair consumers are looking for ways to Do-It-Yourself (DIY), whip up their own products and save a few bucks.

Even though the consumer hair world is rapidly changing, it's still the responsibility of the hairdresser to outline some of the known dangers with those DIY methods.

List Of Dangerous Words And Phrases

The following is a list of words and/or phrases hairdressers should avoid using when working with their hair clients:

1.  I guarantee it.

2.  If it doesn't work, I'll give you a full refund.

3.  I promise....fill in the blanks.

4.  I'll take care of it.

5.  No matter what happens, I'll fix it.

6.  I'm available for you 24/7.

Be On The Alert

Stying Newly Trimmed Hair - Image Courtesy Of Stying Newly Trimmed Hair - Image Courtesy Of

On the flip side, if a hairdresser mentions any of the above words of phrases and you have not established a long and proven history with your stylist, be on the alert.

The vast majority of hair professionals truly care about providing the very best service and results.  Unfortunately, there are many variables that go into hairstyling services.

These variable range from the experience level of the stylist, whether they have full salon support or operate free lance, the products and brands they use and their communication skills.

A key variable is the fact that both the hairstylist and their client are human.  They're sometimes at the mercy of their thoughts, feelings as well as external events.  Hairstylists are not immune to bad days just like their clients.

Unexpected Hair Happenings And Events

Even when you have a long and successful history with a hairdresser, unexpected events can happen.  Hair manufacturers are known to suddenly change their formulas resulting in unexpected or completely new results.  Seasonal changes may also impact the hair client's tresses which can also lead to unexpected events.

A hairdresser worth their salt understands the unpredictability of their profession and would providing guarantees, making promises or offering unlimited 24/7 availability.

While social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter make it easier to connect with your hairdresser after a disaster, it's not bulletproof.

Detangling Newly Shampooed Hair - Image Courtesy Of Detangling Newly Shampooed Hair - Image Courtesy Of

When an accident or hair mishap does occur, the majority of hairdressers will do their best to make their clients happy.  Unfortunately they may not be able to achieve the ultimate results the clients thinks they should.

If words such as guarantee or promise were thrown into the mix, the hair client might have a much different expectation than the hairdresser of what should be done.

Ultimately if the hairdresser and their client are not on the same page, this can lead to trouble including arguments, bad reviews, charge backs or other unhappy issues.

Summary - Best Practices For Dangerous Hairdresser Guarantees

The best way for any hair client to work with their hairdresser is to always make sure the lines of communication are crystal clear.

Even if you think you understand what products and services your hairdresser will be utilizing for your color update, hair trim, extensions or salon treatments, always start your visit by revisiting your expectations.

Finally, if you are visiting a new hairdresser or salon, be weary if the guarantee and promise words are mixed into your initial consultation.  Use these words as a red flags to avoid dangerous hairdresser guarantees which may lead to hair disasters.

Never worry about asking lots of questions and always make sure you completely understand what your hairdresser is planning to do with your hair.

Great hairdressers will appreciate a client who wants to set reasonable expectations and goes the extra mile to communicate their needs or wishes.

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