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Great Summer Hair Styles

Introduction - Great Summer Hair Styles

Ponytail With Hair Flower Ponytail With Hair Flower

With summer in full swing, it's never too late to adopt some great summer hair styles with lots of edge and sizzle.

The Long Summer Hair Haul

During the hot days of summer, ponytails will reign.  Forget the average run of the mill pony tail.  It just won't for great summer hair.

Create some lush sassy fullness throughout the back crown area to create volume.  Apply a volume spray to roots while damp before drying.  It'll update the ponytail for the Summer season.

For extra sass you may want to pin a beautiful hair flower at the top of the ponytail base.  If you prefer, you can pin a smaller hair flower or barrette to one side of the pony.

Braids Are Sizzling Hot

Braids will also continue to be very popular on longer tresses.  Try a wide variety of braids.

Whether the braid is worn off to one side, low at the nape area, a French braid or traditional 3-strand braid, this easy peasy Summer hairstyle will remain cool with a plaited look.

Long Flowing Summer Waves

Brunette With Beachy Waves Brunette With Beachy Waves

For those wanting to wear their hair down, soft flowing waves will be a very popular look. Hair accessories for medium to long hair, like headbands, are all the rage.

Brush all the hair off the face, secure a head band on the top front of the head then pump up the volume behind the head band.

Amp up the fullness even more by first layering bobby pins in X configurations where the band will be positioned for a better anchoring.

Try using a great finishing spray to complete the look.

If you decide to add some shine spray, gel or wax, cream, only use a tiny bit to avoid the development of greasy strands.

Middle of the Road Summer Hairstyles

If your hair is shoulder length, soft curls and waves will help create an amazing beachy look for summer hair.

When you want to add texture and volume, try a little gel scrunched into damp strands and allowed to air dry.  Or braid damp strands to be released after the hair has dried.

A temporary wave will add just the right amount of curl and body.  It can last until your next shampoo.

Ponytail Styler Ponytail Styler

Waves are also great for those vacation days when you don’t want to fuss with your hair.

Go With A Simple Summer Updo

One look which is sure to keep you cool is a simple updo. Tuck and pin the neck area of the hair up to the nape to create a shorter version of your current hairstyle.

Gently tousle the sides and top for interesting deconstruction and separation.  Finger pick in some soft natural texture and you're ready to go have some great summer fun.

The Short Stop

Short hair is easier to maintain during the summer months but it does require more frequent haircuts to keep the style looking great. For short hair,  summer is all about natural texture and lots of layers!

A sleek look during the daytime can be accomplished with a little firm hold gel.  Kick it up a notch at nighttime by spiking it out with wax or molding mud to create an edgy look.

Summary - Great Summer Hair Styles

Consider trying some or all of the great summer hair styles listed above.

Have fun with your hair and don't be afraid to experiment.  When it comes to Summer hair there are no tried and true rules.

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