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Celebrity Hairstylist Oribe Is Not Afraid Of Luxury

Introduction - Celebrity Hairstylist Oribe Is Not Afraid Of Luxury

Oribe Oribe

Sunday,  June 9th, 2013 at 8 pm EST was the moment the third annual Oribe Backstage:  La Fama began at The Fillmore Miami Beach hotel.  The event was hosted to showcase the Oribe brand.

Celebrity hairstylist Oribe is not afraid of luxury and early in his opening speech, he advised all the top salon owners and hairstylists from around the country not to be afraid either.

Wearing a spectacular tuxedo with a sizzling hot sports car in the background, Oribe Canales, 57, took the stage, entertained with a little dance and welcomed the audience.

The event, which Oribe, wearing cool shades, told the audience was "about education and inspiration" also highlighted five new Oribe products.

How Oribe Brand Is Different From Others

The famous hairstylist, known simply as Oribe, told the audience, which included his famous mom, friend and neighbors, "we put so much into our brand."

The celebrity stylist explained how the Oribe brand is different from others.

He said "there's not another company that could or would do this (put on Oribe Backstage)."  Oribe told the spellbound audience "there a tremendous amount (of difference).  We're very...we're luxury.  Don't be afraid of luxury.  Everything costs a lot.  Why not be luxurious?  Why go to Duane Reed's to buy the products you sell at your salon?"

Five New Oribe Products

Oribe Shampoo For Brilliance & Shine Oribe Shampoo For Brilliance  & Shine

The Cuban American hairstylist, famous for clients such as Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford and hundreds of Vogue photo shoots announced that "five new products" were being introduced at the two-hour event.

The show featured hairstyling, makeup, photography, a theatrical fashion show complete with live music, flashy videos and more than 20 models in hairstyles inspired by Latin women.

Lets not forget entertainment by famed salsa singer Hector Lavoe.

Reinventing Mousse

Oribe explained three of the five new "fricken amazing" products were hair mousse.  The "three amazing Oribe mousses" include "Surf Comber, Mousse For Curl and the superstar of the family - Grandiose. "

Why is Grandiose the superstar ? Oribe pointed out that "we all grew up with mousse in the eighties" and it's "a bore."

Note:  Image above of {{asin=B00203IOHQ,text=Oribe Shampoo For Brilliance & Shine}}.

Oribe  explained he "wanted to reinvent mousse."  More importantly, he wanted to "reinvent the idea of how to use a mousse."  He told the audience "I wanted to do it as a texturizer.  Something that's easy.  It's fantastic application, it's easy, you just pour it."

Oribe Blowout Spray Oribe Blowout Spray

How are the Oribe mousses different?  Oribe explained "our mousses are firmer.  They won't make your hair feel like cardboard.  They give your hair luster, shine, they give you softness, they give you volume.  Whatever it is you want (from a mousse) they give it to you."

Once In A Lifetime Mentorship

Oribe warned the audience that the show was very long and you know me "I can talk, talk, talk."

He said "I could give you an hour full of talk, talk, talk."  Oribe said "I'm looking for the one.  He's here or she's here. I can just feel it's a feeling, it's something, it's a sparkle I'm looking for."

The famous hairstylist was referring to the "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for (one guest at the show) to win a six-month mentor-ship with me.”

Oribe In South Beach

Oribe’s eponymous South Beach salon is located a short distance away from the home of Jackie Gleason, one of Oribe's TV favorites from the past.  Oribe's salon is off Lincoln Road at 1627 Euclid Ave.

“My salon has always kept me grounded,” Oribe said. “Miami Beach is home. It’s where me and my three dogs live.”

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