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Halle Berry Hair-Do For The Call

Introduction - Halle Berry Hair-Do For The Call

HalleBerryTheCall-25_250h Halle Berry In The Call - Sony Pictures - All Rights Reserved

Halle Berry stars in the new kidnap thriller 'The Call,' set in a 911 call center in Los Angeles.  The movie was released in March and was well-received.

As veteran 911 operator, Jordan (Halle Berry), takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) who has just been abducted, she realizes that she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl's life.

For her role as Jordan Turner, Halle sports a new hair-do, which she told the media during her promotional interviews, is one of the first thing she looks into when taking on a new movie role.

When preparing for this and any new film role Halle told the media that one of the first things she has to do is "get rid of this hair because this  hair is so specific" referring to her current super short and sleek pixie haircut.

Although Halle has worn her hair in every imaginable length and style during her career, presently her hair is very short.  Obviously in order for Halle to be able to successfully fade into the character she is portraying, she needs to lose her trademark hairstyles and look.

In discussing her role in 'The Call' Halle said "it's not like I have long hair non-specific hair that I can just pull in a ponytail or something.  This (my hair) is so specific (short and straight) to me especially that the first that has to go is this hair."

Halle said "so then we (hair and movie team) try to figure out what hair would be right and we tried to find a hairstyle that was kinda very pedestrian that would take away the me of me and be something that would make sense for the character.  This isn't a girl that spends time doing her hair everyday."

Halle Berry In Short Haircut Halle Berry In Short Haircut

Indeed, the hairstyle Halle and her hair team for the movie selected a hairstyle which was very realistic for a 911 phone operator.  She wore her hair in a short naturally textured style which was very appropriate for the role.

Not everyone like her hair for the role and some in the media even went so far as to label it as very bad hair.

Since the movie is a thriller, it was also important for Halle to have a hairstyle which did not in any way detract from her role as the 911 operator.  It was definitely a style which was meant to blend in with the overall character.

Others felt that instead of blending into the character, the hair was so badly done, it stood out.  Of course not in a good way.

As Jordan Turner the award winning actress is completely tied up with saving a life.  Her hair is the last thing she would be thinking about in this situation.  However, some critics believe she went too far in the opposite direction with the big fuzzy natural look.

Summary - Halle Berry Hair-Do For The Call

Although not everyone loved the film, many did.  Especially those moviegoers who love a good thriller with a serial killer.

Regardless of the feedback on Halle's hair in the film, it was certainly a topic worthy of conversation and in today's media, that always a good thing.

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