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Easy Instant Updo Twist

Introduction - Easy Instant Updo Twist

Twisted Blonde Updo Twisted Blonde Updo

This dressy hairstyle is an easy instant updo twist.  It's an elegant twisted chignon which only requires shoulder length straightened hair which can be gathered into three separate ponytail extending from the middle of the head to the nape of the neck.  It provides an instant dressiness without a lot of muss or fuss.

The finished easy instant updo twist combines a sleek ponytail with a layered array of twisted strands which are pinned close to the head.  The updo can be worn as shown or amped up with a crystal or jewel encrusted headband, hair clip or set of bobby pins.

This chignon can be modified with an asymmetrical part or other type of parting.

This style is quick and easy to accomplish.  With minimum practice and a good mirror anyone should be able to create this style effortlessly.  If you are a hair klutz you might like to request the assistance of a professional stylist or a friend that has hairstyling talents.  A stylist or friend can help with the placement of the crown twists and any jeweled hair accessories.

If you wish to create this style by yourself but are unsure, ask a stylist or friend to work with you the first time so you can practice crafting the style until you can do it by yourself.

Hair which is extra long can adopt to the style by adjusting the size of crown twists.  When in doubt, let your stylist guide you about the appropriateness of the style for your hair type and texture.

If you wish to try this look on fine hair, be prepared for hair slippage with gel, strong holding spray and extra bobby pins to help anchor the twisted strands.

Step By Step Instructions

Twisted Updo Chignon Twisted Updo Chignon

This style works best on hair which is second day. The natural hair oils will help the knots hold tighter and last longer.

This look can be created on freshly washed and dried hair if desired as long as styling products are used.  It's important to dress newly washed hair with the appropriate styling aides to counterbalance extra soft or slippery strands.

1.  Begin by using a soft boar's head brush or similar natural bristle brush on your hair.  Make sure that all knots and tangles are completely removed.

Although this elegant style was designed with an off-center part, if you prefer, experiment with a different type of part for a slightly different look.  The current fashion trend is for deep side parts which may or may not work for this particular style.  This elegant look can be modified to accommodate a center or other type of part. This style can be worn with or without bangs according to preference.

2.  Working with individual sections that are about 1-2" in thickness, smooth all of the hair with a hot flat iron. Allow hair to cool completely before proceeding.

3.  Using the tail of a rattail comb create an off-center  part that extends from the hairline to the crown area of the head.

4.  Direct all of the hair into a series of two tightly stacked ponytails the same approximate size.  The base of the two ponytails should be set halfway between the crown and the nape of the neck.  If you prefer a higher twisted chignon position the base of the two ponytails higher at the back of the head.  Clip the individual ponytails to keep them separate as you work on one ponytail at a time.

Working With Stacked Ponytails

5.  Starting with the top stacked ponytail lift individual 1 1/2" sections of hair from the ponytail at a 45 degree angle.  Gently twist the individual strand from the base of the ponytail in a clockwise direction.  Continue to twist the strand until the strands starts to fold over on itself.

Twisted Updo Chignon Twisted Updo Chignon

6.  Sculpt the twisted strand into a loop and then pin to the scalp.  If your hair is slippery, use a tiny 1/2" bobby pin the same color of your hair to anchor the clip in place.

Note:  Apply a light gel, setting lotion or hairspray to each section for hair that is fine, slippery or does not hold styles well. This will help to anchor the hair better.  Remember, always spray hair before applying hair accessories since spray can dull crystals and rhinestones.

7.  Continue to separate out 1 1/2" sections of hair from each of the two ponytails until all of the strands have been twisted and pinned to the back of the head.   Experiment with smaller or larger sized strands to achieve a different twisted chignon hairstyle.  Optionally you can also create three stacked ponytails.

You have the option to pin strands at a straight or curved angle.  Try to arrange the twisted sections so they are close to the same size and positioned at the back of the head.  They do not have to be perfectly aligned. Experiment with adding more or less sections of hair for different looks.

8.  The finished scalp section should consist of a series of twisted and pinned sections.

Summary - Easy Instant Updo Twist

The possibilities for creating this twisted chignon are endless if you take the time to play with different variations of this classic knotted chignon hair style.  This finished style is perfect for any special party, Prom, Wedding or other dressy hair event.

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