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Tina Majorino New Asymetrical Short HairCut How To

Introduction - Tina Majorino New Asymetrical Short HairCut How To

Tina Majorino As Heather Brooks With New Asymetrical Haircut Tina Majorino As Heather Brooks With New Asymetrical Haircut

Grey's Anatomy cast member Tina Majorino shocked fans when she unveiled her new asymetrical short haircut on the "This Is Why We Fight" episode which aired recently.  The haircut is edgy, fashion forward and gives Majorino a new sassy appearance.

Tina plays one of the new interns at Seattle Grey hospital and her new asymetrical short haircut is referenced during the Grey's episode.

Ninth Season Of Grey's Anatomy

The ninth season of released shock waves when long time cast members did not return to the ABC hit series.   When the smoke cleared it was known that Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh and Kim Raver were definitely not returning.

Lost in all the chaos was the addition of new cast members playing the latest class of interns.  Tina Majorino who was a fan favorite on Veronica Mars (Mac), Big Love (Heather Tuttle), Bones and True Blood (Molly) is now playing intern Heather Brooks aka Mousey.

Tina's New Short Haircut

Tina's new asymetrical short haircut is a major departure from her traditional hairstyles which tend to be worn chin length or longer and naturally textured.  In her roles on Veronica Mars and Big Love her hair was not what you noticed about the actress. Her tresses were generally worn without strong lines or vibrant hues.

Tina showcased a one-length hairstyle when she guest starred on Bones and when she first appeared on Grey's Anatomy.

Tina Majorino With Shoulder Length Hair Tina Majorino With Shoulder Length Hair

Her current asymetrical short haircut is stunning and fresh. Too short to be a classic bob, Tina's new asymetrical short cut looks edgy yet feminine.

A side part directs a long eyebrow skimming fringe across the forehead.  The left side of the cut is worn close to the head while the opposite side which merges seamlessly into the fringe is worn full of body and volume in a full sweep.

The hairstyle has strong bold lines and is tapered in all the rights places.  The haircut frames Tina's face, redirects attention to her beautiful eyes and brows and falls in a full sweep along one side to lift the entire haircut shape up.

Precision placed cinnamon highlights help to highlight her skin and eye tones.  The new asymetrical short haircut frames Tina's face, which works in harmony with her cheekbones, chin and face shape.

New Asymetrical Short HairCut How To

The key to recreating this sassy asymetrical short hairstyle is to start with a precision haircut.

TinaOnBones_250h Tina Majorino With Long Ponytail On Bones With Agent Booth

Once the hair is cut properly, it will be easy to style and maintain.  Of course, to keep the shape fresh, it will need to be trimmed every 3-4 weeks, depending upon how fast the hair grows.

Short HairCut How To - Step By Step

Listed below are tips on how to get the look:

1. After washing and conditioning hair as needed in lukewarm water, do a final rinse in cool/cold water to add natural shine.

2.  Towel blot hair to remove excess moisture. Create desired part and arrange wet hair in desired shape with the fringe and sweeping side.

3.  Apply a volumizing styling mousse to the palms of hands and then rake through detangled hair from roots to ends.

4. Blow-dry hair with a long finger diffuser until hair is 100% dry. Direct the hair into the desired shape as you diffuse.

5. Rake hair down with a brush following the part and shape of the head, leaving lots of lush volume at the top of the head and throughout one side.

6. Finish with a light mist of shine spray to give hair luminosity.

Remember to use only a tiny amount of shine product to prevent heaviness.


Actress Tina Majorino recently unveiled a new asymetrical short haircut on Grey's Anatomy.  Tina's haircut is edgy, fashion forward and gives the seasoned actress a new sassy appearance.

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