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Big Volume Short Hair

Big Volume Short Hair

Tina Majorino - Legends - "Chemistry" Photo by Doug Hyun Tina Majorino With Big Volume Short Hairstyle - Legends - "Chemistry" Photo by Doug Hyun

Actress Tina Majorino of  TNT's Legends recently demonstrated how to have edgy big volume short hair.

Her sky hair short hair proved without a doubt if you have short or super short hair it doesn't mean you can't achieve bombshell status.

Tina who become a beloved fan favorite as ‘Mac’ Mackenzie on the cult hit TV show and movie, VERONICA MARS, is wonderful on Legends as the team's high tech genius.

Her short layered hair looks edgy and high tech when worn sky high with extreme volume.

How To Get Big Volume Short Hair

Follow the steps below to achieve big volume short hair:

1.  Start with a layered short hair cut designed to work with your hair type, texture, color and current condition.

Tina Majorino - Legends Pilot - TNT - Photo - RICHARD FOREMAN - All Rights Reserved Tina Majorino - Legends Pilot - TNT - Photo - RICHARD FOREMAN - All Rights Reserved

2.  Research celebrity haircuts and find a layered haircut with the ultimate finished look you desire.

Note:  Make sure to take large photos of your desired layered short style with as many angles (front, side and back) visible as possible so your stylist can see the cut.

3.   If you prefer to wet wash your hair, avoid super hydrating cleansers or conditioners, especially applied to or near the roots.

Big volume is easier to achieve on Day 2+ hair which has been dry cleansed with a dry shampoo product.  The dry shampoo not only removes oil and/or dirt, it helps to build natural fullness.

4.  On 100% dry hair  start by applying the dry shampoo product of your choice.  Finger pick dry shampoo through strands to distribute well.

Tina Majorino - TNT - Legends - Photo by Doug Youn - All Rights Reserved Tina Majorino - TNT - Legends - Photo by Doug Hyun - All Rights Reserved

Use fingers or a boar bristle brush to remove excess product.

5.  Separate hair into small sections working from the hairline towards the crown.  Use a small boar bristle paddle or flat backed brush. Back brush each section to the desired height.

Note:  Back brushing will damage strands less and guarantees consistent fullness.

6.  Smooth back brushed section with your fingers and move to the adjacent section.

7.  Continue to back brush until you have blown up all of the target hair sections.

Although Tina Majorino's hair is worn straight along the sides and at the back, optionally you can back brush all of the hair for a unique style according to your desired final look.

8.   Once you have achieved the look you desire, apply firm hold hair spray to the palms of your hands and fingers.

Tina Majorino - Legends - TNT - Photo by Doug Hyun - All Rights Reserved Tina Majorino - Short Hair With Big Volume - Back View - Legends - TNT - Photo by Doug Hyun - All Rights Reserved

Massage together and then lightly brush over the top of your finished hairstyle.

If you prefer a shine spray, follow the same procedure.  Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

The ultimate big hair killer?  Too much product.

Avoid over spraying product, which is why it's best to apply to hands first and lightly brush over the top.

Even better?  Spray product into the air and walk through it.

Summary - Big Volume Short Hair

Short or super short hair with precision cut layers is the ideal length for experimenting with all types of big volume short hair looks.

The good news?  There's no right or wrong way to create edgy, sassy big hair.  Experiment and have fun with your hair.

Blog Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to Tom Carson who just happens to be one of the best hair photographers in the entire world of hair.

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