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Does Your Hairstylist Give VIP Treatment?

Introduction - Does Your Hairstylist Give VIP Treatment?

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The Great Economic Recession of 2007, which some experts believe is still in force, kicked off a change in many consumers with regard to their spending habits at the salon.

People with tight budgets started to postpone monthly hair trims and color touch-ups, pushing them out as long as possible.  Instead of visiting their stylist every month financially strapped hair clients started visiting every second or even third month.

Hair Clients Taking The DIY Path To Hair Services

Others took a Do-It-Yourself path (DIY) and abandoned the salon.  Instead they  started trimming, cutting, coloring and chemically treating their own tresses at home.

As the potential hair client base shrank, hairstylists realized they had to step up their games in order to be as competitive as possible.  Some hair experts realized that providing VIP treatment to their clients set them apart from the rest of the hair crowd.

How Hairstylists Go Above And Beyond To Provide VIP Treatment

Does your hairstylist give VIP treatment to their clients?  Check out the list of ways stylists go above and beyond for their clientele:

1.  Hairstylists realize the economy has forced many of their clients to work longer hours or take on multiple jobs.  As a result they are going above and beyond to accommodate super busy work and life schedules.

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Stylists are offering to do their loyal hair clients early in the morning, late at night, or on Sundays and Mondays when salons are often closed.   Hairstylists who contact you personally in order to accommodate your schedule, instead of theirs, are definitely providing VIP service.

2.  A hairstylist who anticipates your special needs when you visit the salon for an appointment are going above and beyond.  They might realize you're sacrificing your lunch hour to pop in for a much needed trim or root touch-up.

As a result, they might offer to have lunch ready for you.  Or they might provide your favorite Starbucks or other specialty coffees or teas for those early morning visits.

3. When a stylist values their clientele and treats all of the as VIPs they will make it a point to get to know their clients.  They will learn important dates such as your birthday or even your wedding anniversary.  Many will send special celebratory greetings on your special days via email, social media or even old fashioned cards.

They also may keep a file with your detailed information including, but not limited to, the names of your kids, the type of work you do and a detailed history of how you like your hair cut, colored, styled and managed.  They will make it their mission to let you know they care about more than your hair.

Detangling Newly Shampooed Hair - Image Courtesy Of Detangling Newly Shampooed Hair - Image Courtesy Of

4.  Although inviting loyal clients to bring small children or pets to the salon may be problematic in some circumstances, if a hairstylist values your ongoing hair business, they will strive to make special arrangements so you can bring family, friends or your beloved dog to your appointment.

This might mean they meet you at the salon at a special time of the day or they might  arrange for baby sitting or dog walking services during your salon visit.

5.  When a stylist senses their clients have other beauty related needs they may offer to act as a professional matchmaker and provide a list of top referrals for a great esthetician,  manicurist, masseuse or similar.

6.  A stylist who provides VIP service will give you their undivided attention when you're in their chair.  That means they won't take other calls while they're with you or allow any interruptions which aren't urgent.  They will make you feel that your time is all that matters to them.

7.  Although a hairstylist who provides VIP services will get to know all about you and your hair, they will never discuss anything that you share with them with any of their other clients or people in the salon.

They understand that to share your secrets would be a major breach of professionalism.  It could result in losing your trust and ultimately your business.

8.  A hairstylist who strives to make their hair clients happy and provide them with VIP service will pay close attention to their clients and take the initiative to contact them to schedule timely appointments for cuts, trims, color or other hair services.

Stying Newly Trimmed Hair - Image Courtesy Of Stying Newly Trimmed Hair - Image Courtesy Of

Although many hair clients have the best intentions to rebook in a timely manner, busy lives may get in the way.  Great hairstylists understand this and will send warm greetings with suggested openings for timely appointments.

Summary - Does Your Hairstylist Give VIP Treatment?

Hairstylists who give VIP treatment to their hair clients usually enjoy a very loyal following of clients who rave about their work and treatment to friends, family members and even complete strangers.

Happy hair clients who feel like they are very important to their hairstylist will think long and hard before ending the relationship.

While it may take more time, energy and effort for a hairstylist to give VIP treatment to their hair clients, the rewards will outweigh the investment.

When economic times are tough and competition is fierce going the extra mile makes all the difference in the world between a thriving hair business and one that is struggling.

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