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Fab Curly Hair Tips

Introduction - Fab Curly Hair Tips

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2013 is the “Year of the Curl” and Mahisha Dellinger, the founder and CEO of Curls for curly haired people, is helping people with natural texture embrace their tresses.

Below are great fab curly hair tips for naturally textured people to help them achieve the best looking locks possible:

1. Know your hair type - People with natural curls often don't realize their texture needs to be defined.

Take the time to understand all aboutyour hair's natural texture category.

Is your hair wavy, curly, kinky or a combination of multiple textures?  Becoming intimately aware of your hair's unique texture classifications matters when selecting the proper products and treatment options.

Knowing your hair's texture needs will also help you select the best products your texture needs to look great all day long.

2. Don't overuse product - If you're using too much of any product (shampoo, conditioner, styling or similar) it may cause your curls to look stiff.  Even worse, it may prevent the formation of natural bounce and movement curly hair should display. Products For Naturally Textured Hair Products For Naturally Textured Hair

By utilizing the correct amount of hair products such as shampoo, conditioners, creams or gel, your natural texture can totally rock.

3. Know your hairstylist - No two snowflakes are alike.  The same is true with hairstylists.  No two are alike. For a person with curls it's important to do a complete check up on your hairstylist.

Be sure they know how to cut, style and/or color naturally texture tresses.  Curls, waves and kinks may shrivel up once they're dry.

If you want your texture to fall at a certain length be sure your stylist understands how to cut your texture so it can behave the way you desire when your style it.

4. Don't get pushed into chemical hair treatments - Most naturally textured people don't realize of the relaxing and/or chemical straightening procedures can really damage delicate textured hair.

Be sure to ask lots of questions before you agree to any type of chemical re-texturizing, straightening or relaxed procedures.  Do your homework and you may save the life of your tresses in the process.

5. Make sure to use a leave in conditioner every day. People with natural texture and curls need moisture, moisture, moisture.  Due to the natural formation of curls, waves and kinks, strands may become very dry.

Keep natural texture bouncy and shiny by using proper conditioning treatments such as pre-shampoo conditioners, rinse-outs, deep conditioners and post-cleansing leave-ins. Keeping natural texture properly hydrated is a key factor in having manageable, well-shaped, soft and shiny hair.

More About Mahisha Dellinger

Mahisha Dellinger, the founder of CURLS, understands the needs of naturally curly hair.

Her passion for hair care began at an early age. Finding the right products for her own curly hair type posed an interesting challenge.  A challenge which was rarely victorious, but always costly.

The products which claimed to be the solution for her curly hair were not created with her hair type in mind. She became exhausted from her search for the right product for her naturally curly hair.

Over the years, she spent thousands of dollars on hair care, but never found a complete line for her hair type.  So she created one!

Mahisha collaborated with leading cosmetic experts to develop CURLS.  Her intense desire to create a remarkable line for a growing, yet overlooked audience, coupled with the extensive chemistry background of her colleagues proved to be a winning combination.

For more information about Mahisha, the type of curls or natural texture you have and the best products to help you rock your tresses go to

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