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Find A Great New Hairstyle For The New Year

Introduction - Find A Great New Hairstyle For The New Year

Hair Client Before A Hair Makeover Hair Client Before A Hair Makeover

As we turn the calendar pages from November to December it's not too early to start thinking about how to find a great new hairstyle for the New Year.

Whether your hair is bone straight or kinky curly, The New Year offers a great chance to reboot your current hair cut, style and look.

Even if you love your current cut, color and style, there's always room for a little tweaking to take good to great.

Listed below are some tips to find a great new hairstyle for The New Year.

Robert Hallowell, a fabulous hair colorist, natural texture hair expert and celebrity hairstylist was gracious enough to share some of his best tips.

1.  Start with a complete hair inventory 

What do you love about your current hair length, style, texture and color?  New isn't always better.  Maybe you're completely happy with your hair and can't envision making any changes, even small ones.

Or maybe you have specific issues with one or more aspect of your tresses.

Time In The Wash Room Before Haircut Time In The Wash Room Before Haircut

Once you have your complete hair inventory with all your notes take the time to do a little homework.  If you'd like a different haircut,hairstyle or hair color, go online to the Gallery and look at all the possible options.

Robert suggests you select images which call to you or remind you of cuts, styles or colors you've enjoyed in the past.

Print out the photos you like and create a notebook with your selections.

2.  Narrow down the hair options

Once you’ve found one or two cuts, styles or colors you love, Robert suggests posting the photos next to your favorite mirror, on the refrigerator or somewhere you'll see the images on a continual basis.

By constantly viewing the desired photos, if you still enjoy them after a few weeks, chances are good you'll have a long term love affair with the prospecting new hairdo.

3.  Do an easy makeover

Robert points out that one of the fastest ways to try out a new cut, style and color is to print out a photo of the target new style, cut out the face and pop yours into it.

Blow Drying During Hair Makeover Session Blow Drying During Hair Makeover Session

Yes, you could visit the many different virtual makeover sites on the web, but Robert notes grabbing a scissors is a quick and dirty fix.

Robert also notes that some of the images in the virtual hair makeovers are distorted and may not give you a realistic makeover image to evaluate whereas popping your photo into a color photo will give you a very clear and immediate result.

4.  Work with a stylist you trust

If you wish to take a dramatic turn with several parts of your current cut, style and color, it's best to work with a stylist or a group of stylists you already trust.

Robert points out that sometimes it's best to work with a hair color expert for your hue and a master stylist for your cut and ultimate style.  Often a hair colorist and stylist will work in unison to create a spectacular look which combines fabulous color with a spectacular cut and style.

If you don't currently have a colorist and/or hairstylist you trust to help engineer your major hair makeover, take your time and do your homework before starting with a brand new hair team.   Get recommendations from people you trust.

Visit each proposed stylist and/or colorist for a consultation before proceeding with any services.   Be sure to ask lots of questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the answers.

5.  Hair trends be damned

Detangling Wet Strands During Hair Makeover Detangling Wet Strands During Hair Makeover

Robert advises ignoring current hair trends when selecting your own personal hair makeover.  Instead, select a new cut, style and/or color which works with your hair type, texture, current condition and face shape as well as eye and skin tone.

While a short pixie cut may look great on Miley Cyrus, it definitely won't look great on everyone.

Always take into consideration your own lifestyle and hair maintenance needs.  Consider how often a new hair color will need to be refreshed, how often a cut will need to be trimmed or reshaped and how altering nature texture will require updating.

Hair upkeep not only costs money, it often takes time at the salon.  Are you willing to make a long term commitment to a new cut, style and color.

6.  When in doubt take the path of least resistance

Hair Color Change In Hair Makeover Hair Color Change In Hair Makeover

If you really want to find a great new hairstyle for the new year, but don't wish to risk the use of harsh chemicals or a drastic chop, opt for changing up your current regime and products.

You may wish to experiment with different cleansers or conditioning products (rinse out, deep conditioning) in order to nurture your hair.

A few styling changes can often make a big difference.  For example, you may wish to consider cleansing less often or altering how you dry your tresses and modifying the hot tools you utilize.

Summary - Find A Great New Hairstyle For The New Year

Celebrity hair guru Robert Hallowell who's worked with an amazing array of celebrity clients offers some great tips to find a great new hairstyle for the new year.

With some planning and careful thought you can definitely find a great new hairstyle for the new year.

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