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Sexy Rock Star Energy How To

Introduction - Sexy Rock Star Energy How To

Rihanna Performance Rihanna Performance

When you think of sexy female rock stars who are literally bursting with energy on stage, who makes your top ten list?

Many people would list Rhianna, Pink, Fergie, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato and Brittany Spears.  I'm sure I've missed several, but there's no doubt all of the sexy rock stars I've listed put on a high energy stage performance.

Sexy Rock Star Energy How To Secrets

Wouldn't you love to know the sexy rock star energy how to secrets?  What do all of those amazing women do to maintain such high watt energy for up to two hours on stage in front of adoring fans?

In some cases the performers might even do a few encores which keep them dancing, singing and performing for more than two hours at a stretch.  Ironically, not all of the sexy rock stars are in their teens or 20s.  Madonna is in her 50s while Gwen Stefani is in her 40s.

Hire A Nutritionist

Since touring and stage performances are important for selling lots of CDs and albums, hiring a nutritionist and/or trainer is a common sexy rock star energy how to secret.

A great nutritionist and/or trainer help the rock stars select the right foods to eat and the proper workouts to be able to deliver high powered performances.

It's been reported that some of the stars may burn more than 1,000 calories per hour on stage.  To output that much energy it's important to stock your body with the proper fuel.

Eat Before You're Hungry - Sexy Rock Star Energy How To

Nicki Minaj On Performing On NBC Today Show - NBC - All Rights Reserved Nicki Minaj On Performing On NBC Today Show - NBC - All Rights Reserved

Harley Pasternak is famous for helping Jessica Simpson easily slide into her Daisy Dukes.  He's also whipped Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Jennifer Hudson into shape by encouraging them to eat every two to three hours to block fatigue and low blood sugar.

Of course Harley doesn't recommend loading up on sugary snacks for an instant high.  He suggests that his superstar clients consume a minimum of 1,200 calories a day, except when they're performing.

The superstar LA trainer suggests his clients break up their total daily calories into three meals and two snacks of 100 to 150 calories per snack.

Great Snacks To Consider -  Sexy Rock Star Energy How To

Great snacks to consider for acquiring sexy rock star energy includes 1/2 grapefruit and a hard boiled egg.

Why?  According to nutritionist Carrie Wiatt who's worked with Fergie, the ideal snack should be 60 percent complex carbohydrate and 40 percent lean protein.

This combination of complex carbohydrate + protein takes the body longer to digest so the blood sugar remains stable, which also keeps energy levels well balanced.

Lady Gaga Performing Lady Gaga Performing

Other suggested snacks might include:

Finding the best low calorie snacks which combine the carbohydrate + protein balance is key.  Listed below are some great snacks which fit into this category:

2 ounces of lean turkey or chicken combined with fresh tomatoes

1/2 of an apple with 1 tablespoon of almond, cashes or peanut butter

1 tablespoon of hummus spread on a stick of crunchy celery

1/2 of medium sized banana and 1 tablespoon of nut butter

Whole grain protein snack bars, low calorie, but high protein shakes and plain yogurt are additional great snack options.

Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are other great snacks to consider.  Nuts are especially beneficial because they contain magnesium which helps to activate cell enzymes which help to produce a natural energy flow.

Drink Lots Of Water - Sexy Rock Star Energy How To

Studies have shown that even a 1 to 2 percent decline in daily hydration, even before you feel thirsty, can negatively impact energy levels.

For super powered energy you may need help from electrolytes like sodium and potassium to help fluids to fully penetrate and hydrate cells.

Where The Beef?

Rihanna On Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine Rihanna On Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Contrary to popular opinion, eating just vegetables won't give you enough energy to put together a power packed day.  It's important to incorporate a variety of beans, lean red meat (unless you're vegetarian) and whole grains to provide your body with balanced energy throughout the day.

Studies have shown one of the causes of sluggish energy to be iron or mineral deficiencies.  Iron is essential for good energy because iron transports oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body.

Beef is an easy choice, but if you prefer not to eat a lot of meat, you can achieve the same results with eggs or lentils, tofu or similar alternative proteins.

If you go for beef, make sure to go for the lean options since eating meat with too much fat can leave you feeling sleepy, heavy or sluggish.

An Apple A Day Keeps Fat At Bay

Fruit is a wonderful treat when you're craving something sweet.  Apples are a great option which can keep your energy flowing without packing on unwanted pounds or risking a energy crash from blood sugar spikes if you have sugar laden treats instead.

Apples not only are filling and a simple sugar which won't case post-sugar crashing, it's known to strengthen the immune system, reduce body inflammation and provide excellent fiber.

Britney Spears Britney Spears

If you don't like apples reach for other low calorie fruits like kiwis, star fruit, mangoes, peaches or tangerines.

Kiwis, which are actually a form of a berry, are extremely low in calories, but very filling and a great energy booster.   One entire kiwi is only 46 calories.  You can eat an entire star fruit for about 50 calories.  An entire mango is only 135 calories.

Other Sexy Rock Star Energy How To Secrets

Many of the sexy rock stars mentioned in this blog will drink caffeine, but with limits.  Although you might think they pound energy drinks, the reality is that some drinks can cause an energy crash after the initial surge wears off.

Larges doses of energy drinks may lead to heart palpitations, excessive energy and irritability as well as insomnia.

Harley Pasternak recommends nonfat latte or similar low calorie coffee drinks as a great mid-day pickup drink for his famous sexy rock star clients. He also suggests that if they do like to drink caffeine, they drink it 20 minutes before a workout to get full advantage.


Demi Lovato Demi Lovato

Other energy generating options include finding a great exercise you enjoy and making a commitment to doing it daily or several times a week.

Katy Perry travels everywhere with a jump rope and puts in her time working out with her ropes.  She also follows a high energy food plan so she can perform to her very best capacity for fans.

Gwen Stefani who is in her 40s is famous for her commitment to jogging, hiking and working out with a medicine ball.  She snacks on strawberries and pears or fruits in season.

Madonna is famous for following a strict energy generating food plan and working out intensely to amp up her energy for her famous shows.

If you're trying to amp up your daily energy flow consider some of the tips provided above.  While it's nice to be able to work with a nutritionist or trainer, it's possible to increase your own energy health with a little research, well-planned meals and snacks as well as a commitment to exercise.

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