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Nas & Kelis Love Rematch

Introduction - Nas & Kelis Love Rematch

Rapper Nas Performing - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved Rapper Nas Performing - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

Is  a Nas & Kelis Love Rematch in the works?

Many fans would love to see the famous couple back together.  Now that Rapper Nas has admitted he sent a sexy booty call to ex-wife Kelis the rumors and speculation are flying.

The 'Life Is Good' rapper told fans at his Under The Bridge London show on October 1st  "you know, I texted her (Kelis) the other night.  I said, 'Can we make love one more time?' Seriously! I asked Kelis to make love to me one last time."

This news delivered directly from the mouth of Nas to his fans has added fuel to the fire regarding rumors of a Nas & Kelis love rematch.

Obviously the loss of Kelis is still very painful for the New York Rapper.  He want on to discuss the break-up with his London audience.

He said the break-up "still hurts bad.  That pain is real, y'all.  That shit is real."  His confession about his feelings for Kelis were made when he performed 'Bye Bye Baby' which many fans and industry insiders believe is about the famous singer.

Kelis With Natural Hair Kelis

The celebrity couple who triggered lots of sparks permanently split in May 2010 after five years of marriage.   Nas & Kelis famous met in 2002 at an MTV Video Music Awards party.  At the time of their hook-up, a longstanding feud broke out with Jay-Z who was considered a rival rapper.  Kelis and Jay-Z were at one time romantically linked.

It's hard to know all that went on behind the scenes of the celebrity marriage, but based on his comments it appears that hip-hop star would welcome a Nas & Kelis love rematch.  He made news when he appeared on the cover of his most recent album 'Life Is Good', holding the wedding dress Kelis wore when the couple married.

Two Sides To Every Story - Nas & Kelis Love Rematch?

There's always two sides to every story and while it appears that the rapper might welcome a Nas & Kelis love rematch, his beautiful and wildly talented ex-wife might disagree.

Kelis filed for divorce from Nas on April 20, 2009 citing irreconcilable differences.  Three months later Kelis gave birth to a son, Knight on July 21, 2009.   The birth of their first son was spoiled by a major disagreement which resulted in Nas announcing the birth of his son at a gig in Queens, NY against Kelis' specific wishes.  Nas announced the birth via an online video.

Kelis & Nas Together Kelis & Nas Together

Is it possible the revelations Nas has been making about wanting to make love to his ex-wife might meet with the same disapproval as his announcing the birth of their son?

Or is Kelis, who has a new record coming out, equally willing to explore a Nas & Kelis love rematch?

Perez Hilton's Take On Nas & Kelis Love Rematch

On September 19th Perez Hilton weighed in on the famous couple.  Hilton said "Nas & Kelis aren't getting romantically entwined again, but they have been spending a lot of time together including at the very romantic Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, CA where they spent time with their son."

According to Hilton "The two insist their relationship is strictly platonic, which is probably better for everyone, but they want to be friends in order to better raise their son."

Obviously while the couple says they are strictly on a platonic basis, Nas apparently is carrying a torch for his ex-wife.  The marriage reportedly broke up over infidelity on both sides.

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