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Weaves - Kelis

Kelis With Short Hair

Weaves - Kelis

Many famous singers ranging from Beyonce and Christina Aguilera to Rihanna and Kelis depend upon hair weaves to alter their stage appearance.  A hair weave, which can be composed of human, synthetic or a combination of hair types, can be used in a variety of ways.

Weaves can be added to existing natural hair to make it thicker, fuller or longer.  Or it can be added to change the texture.  A weave can also be used in combination with wigs, hair pieces or a combination.

Kelis made news last month when it was revealed that she reportedly didn't pay $5,000 for a custom made hair weave created for her by a Santa Monica salon.  According to TMZ, the dispute over the weave goes back to May 2009 when she reportedly picked up her weave, but didn'tpay for it.

You might think that $5,000 sounds like a lot for a weave, but in reality it isn't.  When weaves are made with 100% human hair which is then dyed to perfectly match the wearer's skin and eye tone or natural hair, they can be very pricey.

Kelis With Short Natural Hair

Beyonce and Rihanna are both famous for wearing a dizzying array of weaves, lace front wigs and hair extensions.  Rumors have both performers paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for add-on hair.

Kelis who had a highly publicized divorce from ex-husband Nas was taken to court over the money owed for the weave.  Kelis didn't show up at court so the judged entered a default judgement for the entire amount.

Kelis did not comment upon the court case or the judgement.  Did she eventually pay?  It's still unknown whether she did or not.

Weaves Are Part Of Stage Wear

Owning a collection of high end, customized weaves are just one of the many expenses that female performers often need to have for their stage wear.  Of course many performers also wear weaves offstage as well.

Since the 1990s, weaves have been particularly popular among African American women opting for a straight-hair look.

Weft hair can also be applied by gluing directly to the natural hair using hair glue specifically made for hair weaves. The glue can be easily washed out using a special shampoo/conditioner that will remove the glue without removing the real hair. A special glue remover may also be used.

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