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Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess

Introduction - Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess

Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess

Kate Middleton has generated a lot of media frenzy over her recent topless photos. The news hasn't impacted her status as a array of tiaras goddess.

Her standing as a array of tiaras goddess has been highlighted by her recent win in a brand new British survey by a salon products retailer who polled 500 women on their picks for best celebrity hair.   The results of the poll were published by

Bringing Back Hair Accessory Popularity

Known for her amazing sense of style, great hair and use of great hair accessories, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, won the poll.  Kate is truly a array of tiaras goddess bringing back an awareness of a wide range of hair accessories.

Besides the amazing array of tiaras the new royal wears at official royal functions, she wears chic hats, headbands, fascinators as well as hair barrettes and clips.

How To Copy Kate's Hair Accessory Goddess Looks

Besides being known as a hair accessory goddess for her great taste in accessory fashions, Kate also selects items which are reasonably priced and affordable for the average hair consumer who wants to copy Kate's beautiful hair looks.  Indeed, anything Kate wears seems to fly immediately off the shelves.

Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess Wearing A Tiara Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess Wearing A Tiara

Hairdressers across England and the UK are seeing an increasing demand for the Middleton hairstyles.  Everything about Kate's hair is being copied from her hair length, textures and styles to her hair accessories.

Other celebrities who made the list of the 500 women polled included UK's Holly Willoughby who came in second in the poll scoring just 19 percent of the votes.  Third place was captured by singer Lana Del Rey.

Jennifer Aniston Placed Fourth Ahead of Kim Kardashian

Former International hair accessory goddess Jennifer Aniston placed fourth with only 9 percent of the votes and in fifth place was Kelly Brook. Rochelle Hume took sixth place and Victoria Beckham came in at seventh place. Kim Kardashian, Nicky Minaj and UK X Factor judge Tulisa scored eighth, ninth and tenth in the poll.

The famous brunette Duchess, Internationally admired for her luscious locks, polled over a quarter of the vote.  Her claim to fame as a array of tiaras goddess originates from the fact she loves to wear fun hair accessories including an array of headbands which either complement or contrast with her famous brunette tresses.

Kate Middleton's Olympic Ponytail

Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess

At the recent Olympics which were held in Kate's hometown of London, she surprised the hair fashionistas by wearing her perpetually glossy brunette hair in a more casual picture-perfect ponytail with a base halfway between the crown and the nape of the neck.

Did Kate's beautiful wave infused pony inspire the current ponytail craze sweeping the fashion runways?  It's quite possible since Kate's hair is setting many directions.

Of course since it was The Duchess Kate her Olympic ponytail was picture perfect with a great volume and height throughout the crown without a hint of dreaded oiliness.

Summary - Kate Middleton Hair Accessory Goddess

Even though Kate loves a great headband, snood or tiara, she keeps it classy and never takes any of her hairstyles or hair accessory adornments over the top.  She also wears hair accessories which can be easily copied for affordable prices.

Would you expect anything else from a array of tiaras goddess like Kate Middleton?  I think not.

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