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Kate Middleton Hairstyle Icon

Introduction - Kate Middleton Hairstyle Icon

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is a hairstyle icon.  From her stunning shine infused soft waves to her half up/down hairdos and flirty ponytails, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has demonstrated elegance and class.

The Duchess is constantly under the watchful eye of the media.  The gorgeous member of England's Royal Family works very hard to earn her hairstyle icon reputation.  Since the beautiful brunette is constantly being photographed, she has to look picture perfect at all times.

Kate never disappoints with her hair, makeup, nails and fashions.  Her perfect appearance, gorgeous hairstyles, breathtaking fashions and accessories often trigger a buying frenzy as her millions of worldwide fans rush to copy her latest elegant and classy image.

Secrets Of Kate Middleton Hairstyle Icon

The Duchess of Cambridge understands the importance of being a worldwide hairstyle icon.  She takes her role very seriously.

How does she consistently appear with the most spectacular picture perfect hairstyles?  Listed below are some of the secrets of the reign of Kate Middleton hairstyle icon.

Kate Middleton As Bride

Kate's secret of being a wildly successful hairstyle icon:

1.  Kate takes her position as a hairstyle icon very seriously.  As a result, she works extremely hard to always look her very best.

2. The young royal utilizes the ongoing cutting, coloring and stylist services of Richard Ward, one of the best celebrity hairstylists in London, if not all of the UK.

3.  Duchess Catherine has a complete entourage of hair and beauty experts who make sure she always looks her best.  She depends upon the entire staff at Ward's Hair and Metrospa to make sure all of her hair needs are constantly met with  true perfection.

4.  For day-t0-day hair events Kate visits Ward's salon three times a week.  Her hair is washed, treated with Keratin, conditioned and blown out.

Internation Hair Star - Kate Middleton Hairstyle Icon

5.  Being an International hairstyle icon is very time consuming. It's been estimated the beautiful brunette Duchess visits the salon more than 150 times each year for her various haircuts, highlights, low lights, Keratin treatments, deep conditioning masks and blow out.

Kate Middleton In Famous Blue Dress

6.  When making official appearances the beautiful Duchess has Ward or a member of his hair team on hand to guarantee shimmering hair perfection.

7.   The wife of Prince William knows which hairstyles work best for her and sticks close to them.  Kate gravitates to hairstyle classics which flatter her skin and eye tones while working in perfect harmony with her spectacular fashions and accessories.

8.  Don't expect Duchess Catherine to trigger a media frenzy due to a shocking hairstyle or color change.  The Duchess might experiment with a few highlights or low lights, but she remains loyal to her gorgeous brunette base hue.

Healthy Strands - Kate Middleton Hairstyle Icon

9.  Kate recognizes the importance of using the best products for her hair to keep it healthy and full of shine. She's known to prefer organic vegetable-based hair dye over harsher formulas.

10.  Ward creates her luscious brunette hues with L'Oreal Symbio and Fuente Organic color.  Kate also reportedly receives regular deep conditioning treatments to counterbalance any color treatments and to infuse her super healthy strands with silky softness.

Keratin Treatments - Kate Middleton Hairstyle Icon

Kate MIddleton With Hair Down In Soft Waves

11.  The famous member of the Royal Family gets Keratin Infusion treatments with every blow out, three times a week.  All the Keratin treatments guarantee a dazzling shine.

12.  The Duchess has worked with her hairstylist to perfect her signature hairstyle.  It consists of  lush bouncy volume throughout the crown, dazzling shine and soft loose curls throughout the perimeter.

13.  Kate always seems to know exactly which hairstyle to select for her public appearances.  Although she tends to wear her tresses long and lush the majority of the time, she's also been spotted with sophisticated half-up-half-down hairstyles, soft chignons and even accent braids.

14.  The royal beauty understands the power of simple yet sophisticated elegance when selecting hairstyles.

Summary - Kate Middleton Hairstyle Icon

With all the time and energy she spends on her hair, it's no wonder Kate's a hairstyle icon with a stunning brunette mane that's the envy of women all around the world.

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