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Long Pointy Fingernails - Things You Can't Do

Johnny Depp As Barnabas Collins

Long Pointy Fingernails - Things You Can't Do

Johnny Depp recently made his first appearance on Ellen's daytime talk show.  The primary reason for Johnny's visit was to promote his latest role as vampire Barnabas Collins in the revamped Dark Shadows film.

Johnny was joined on stage by Michelle Pfeiffer who co-stars with the famous character actor.

During their TV chat, the famous blonde talk show hostess asked Johnny about the famous long fingernails he wore as part of his iconic costume.

Johnny revealed that once the nails were applied every morning, he had to leave them on all day during filming.  Michelle also revealed that Johnny gave her one of his freakishly long nails, which she still has in her possession, as a joke.

Ellen asked Johnny how he went to the bathroom with his very long pointed nails.  Johnny explained he had help from the crew.

Ironically long pointed fingernails can also be problematic for everyday women who are seduced by the same long talons sported by celebs like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Johnny Depp As Barnabas Collins With Long Fingernails

What are some of the things you can't do with long pointed fingernails?

1. Unzip or unbutton your pants or skirt.

2. Buckle or tie a belt.

3. Fasten a barrette or hairclip into hair.

4.  Secure a ponytail with a pony elastic, pony cuff or similar.

5.  Open or position a bobby pin into tresses.

6.  Slip on tights without shredding them with nails.

7.  Hooking a bra.

8.  Texting on the phone.

9.  Inserting pierced earrings or affixing nipple rings or other body studs.

10.  Typing emails on iPad, notebook or laptop.

11.  Inserting or removing contact lenses.

12.  Any bathroom activity which requires use of toilet paper, tampons or other sanitary supplies.

13.  Using a tweezer for eyebrows or removing other facial hair.

14.  Inserting a diaphragm or other birth control devices of the rubber family.

15.  Put on Spanx or similar undergarments.

16.  Roll hair in hot rollers, pin curls or traditional rollers.

17.  Massage your scalp in the shower.

18.   Pet your cat or dog.

19.  Give a foot or back massage.

What am I forgetting.  Please share your own long fingernail challenges.

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