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Easily Lose 15 To 20 Pounds Of Fake Fat

Easily Lose 15 To 20 Pounds Of Fake Fat

Glass of water

Red Carpet bound celebrities understand the challenges of fake fat, which is really water weight.  When preparing to showcase their best selves for a film premiere, major awards show or similar, stars know that the average woman may be lugging around anywhere from 15-20 pounds of water weight.

Water weight can occur for a wide array of reasons ranging from over consumption of salty foods to hormones.  Even air can show up as fake fat.

Whether water weight is temporary due to your premenstrual cycle, or an ill-advised binge, this type of weight, known as fake fat, can be flushed quickly.  Some women only have water weight at certain times of the month, others have water weight all the time.

Other causes of chronic water retention might include, but not be limited to a high sodium diet, lack of exercise, food allergies (including lactose intolerance) or general dehydration.

Listed below are some well-known secrets for flushing water based fake fat in a matter of 7-10 days.

Before testing or trying any of the water weight removal recipes be sure to discuss with your primary health care provider to make sure it's acceptable for your current state of health.

Fresh Lemons

1. Fresh Lemon & Water

Start each morning by sipping an 8 ounce cup of piping hot water infused with the juice of one half of an organic lemon (if possible).

To avoid damage to tooth enamel be sure to use a straw and rinse teeth completely with clear water after drinking.  A hot lemon juice helps to flush toxins from the liver along with excess moisture.

Jennifer Aniston is known to drink water with lemon juice on days following a heavy dinner. A lemon water mixture is great for releasing extra water weight due to its alkalizing benefits.  Hot lemon water helps to bring the acid-basic balance of the body back to its optimal level.  Water weight can occur as a result of heavy meals, stress or other body stressing issues.

Some weight loss experts suggest starting each morning with the hot lemon juice drink on an empty stomach followed by a light breakfast an hour or so after the lemon juice drink.  Others recommend drinking water all day which has a fresh lemon squeezed into the mix.  A fresh lemon infused water drink is often utilized by models who are trying to keep excess water weight from their frames.

Teapot For Brewing Chamomile Tea

2.  Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a natural diuretic which is gentle on the body, but helps to eliminate and flush excess water weight.  Two or three cups of hot  chamomile tea sipped every day for two weeks is known to flush up to six pounds of water weight from the body over a two week period.

Combined with a water flushing nutrition program, chamomile tea will not normally harm the body like prescription or over-the-counter diuretics.

3.  Herb Infused Bath

Soaking 20 minutes a day in a hot tub will help to stimulate the kidneys to instantly relax excess water weight for up to four hours.  A hot bath is a temporary water weight banishing tool but it will help for the short term.

Adding a fresh herbal mixture of one ounce of Jaborandi Herb, Thyme Leaf, Angelica Root, Elder Flowers, Orange Peel & Oil and Kesu Flowers will also help

4. Detoxing Bath


This mineral bath, recommended by naturopath Linda Page, Ph.D is designed to help detox the body and help eliminate excess water weight:

Add the following ingredients to a hot bath:

1 cup of Dead Sea salts, 1 cup of Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of regular sea salt, 1/4 cup of baking soda

3 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of chamomile oil, 2 drop of majoran oil, 1 drop of ylang-ylang oil

Soak n the tub up to 20 minutes.  Refresh the water as needed with warm water.

5.  Drink More Water

When you don't drink enough water every day (48 to 64 ounces depending upon body weight) the human body produces a specific hormone which reduces the amount you release water from your body.  In essence the body works to retain more fluids so that you don't become dehydrated.

To lose water weight drink more water and the body will trigger hormones which helps release stored water weight.

Red Apples

6.  Weight Loss Tea

Alicia Silverstone recommends the following tea for safe weight loss in her book The Kind Diet:

1/2 cup grated (into a pulp) carrot

1/2 cup grated (into a pulp) daikon radish

1/4 umeboshi plum

1-2 drops of shoyu

1/4 sheet nori ripped into small pieces

Bring the carrot, daikon radish, umeboshi plum and 1 cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan.  Reduce the heat, and simmer for about 3 minutes.  Add the shoyu and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes longer.  Add the nori, if using.  Drink hot.

7.  Taurine

With a physicians approval consider taking 1 to 2g of this powerful amino acid daily for up to two weeks.  This amino acid is excellent for preventing pre-menstrual bloat.

8.  Eat Cucumber

One cup of fresh cucumbers eaten every day will help flush excess water from the body and if eaten over a two week period can help flush as much as 5-6 pounds.

Fresh Carrots

9.  Exercise The Water Weight Off

Studies have shown that exercising just two hours a week can reduce water related bloating by a significant amount for the majority of people.

Why?  Exercise improves blood vessel tone so fluids are less likely to leak into surround tissues.  Exercise will also help to cause perspiration which can help flush out trapped fluids.

10.  Hit The Cocoa

Drinking approximately 10 ounces of hot cocoa a day can help banish water weight which is tied to lactose intolerance.

Cocoa speeds the breakdown of milk sugars flushing them quickly out of the body before they can cause water retention and bloating tied to allergic reactions to dairy products.

Studies have shown that when taking hot cocoa on a daily basis foods such as milk, cheese and diary may no long cause excessive water retention or fake fat.

Weight Scale

11.  Eliminate Gum From Diet

Many experts believe that introducing excess air into the body through chewing of gum, drinking of carbonated beverages and eating air filled foods will cause water retention and a bloated stomach.

Foods such as crisp apples, air-filled foods such as puffed wheat, whipped cream and related desserts will cause gas to form in the intestines.  This gas will cause the stomach to swell preventing you from fitting into your skinny jeans.

12.  Eating Diuretic Foods

While some food and drinks will cause water retention, others such as cucumbers will help keep the body well flushed.  Asparagus is a food known to help keep water weight at bay.   The asparagus root offers more water releasing properties that the tops.

Other water releasing foods include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon and lettuce.


Consider experimenting with some or all of the known water weight reduction options above.  Remember, before undergoing any of the listed water weight reduction suggestions discuss your plans with your primary care physician.  Keep in mind that these suggestions are for temporary use to minimize or reduce water weight or fake fat.

If you resume your old dietary patterns of eating high salt foods, not exercising or eating foods known to cause water retention, the weight will return quickly.

To undertake a long term weight program to meet significant weight loss goals, you will need to incorporate a proper nutritional dietary program combined with a long term exercise program.

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