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Emma Watson Crop Is New Iconic Hairstyle

Emma Watson Iconic Pixie Haircut

Emma Watson Crop Is New Iconic Hairstyle

In a Modern Salon Blog dated 06/08/10 writer Melissa Hill discussed the The Death of the Iconic Hairstyle.  Hill interviewed famed colorist and Matrix Artistic Color Director Patrick McIvor and L'Oreal Professional Portfolio Artist Amit Abraham to uncover who was next in line to claim the title of iconic hairstyle.

Although Farrah Fawcett Major was known for "The Farrah" followed by Jennifer Aniston's "The Rachel", McIvor and Abraham told Hill they believed the era of the iconic hairstyles which have graces thousands of heads over the last hundred years was over.  Finished.  Done.

Why?  McIvor and Abraham pointed out that with the current trend towards complete individualism in hair, fashion and lifestyle, the climate isn't right for the rise of a new iconic hairstyle.

No More “Rachels”

Patrick McIvor told Hill “In the past, you could always go, ‘that’s the trend.’ Or you go, ‘no, it’s the wrong color.’ Now today, the trends are always customizable. You’ll never see them in their purity. Kids don’t want their MySpace pages to look the same, they don’t want their cars to look the same, they don’t want their phones to look the same."

He continued "So why do we think they’re all going to walk in with a picture of Rachel’s haircut? It’s never going to happen again, because culturally they never participated in it. We did. So that’s the thing that’s really cool about right now.”

Justin Bieber


Amit Abraham  noted “Individualism is so in right now, especially in fashion and clothing. Look at bags—from Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton to Coach. It’s such a wide spectrum. Ask anybody, ‘what is the in fashion right now?' If they can actually give you an answer, I can tell you I don’t think they know what they are talking about."

Abraham added "There is nothing that will dictate what’s in fashion anymore. Consumerism plus capitalism plus everything that’s evolved from that, really opens the door for individualism. Whatever you can afford."

Emma Watson's Cropped Hairstyle Steals Iconic Hairstyle Crown

The Wall Street Journal has other ideas about the death of iconic hairstyle.  They obviously don't agree with McIvor and Abraham's 2010 predictions.  Recently the WSJ proclaimed that Emma Watson's short cropped hair was the fastest rising search for celebrity haircuts on Google.

Not only was Emma's short crop an indication of a new shift in women's hairstyle from long to short, her newly proclaimed iconic hairstyle had beaten out Jennifer Aniston's hair as the most popular for two years in a row (2010, 2011).

Lady Gaga

The Harry Potter star's photo has been popping up at hair salons all over the globe where hairstylists are under siege to duplicate her trademark pixie hairstyle.  Her short hairstyle has taken on true iconic hairstyle proportions.

Iconic Hairstyles Will Continue To Occur

Even though McIvor and Abraham's believe that the current age of individualism has ended the era of the iconic hairstyle, Emma Watson has proven that theory to be null and void.

While Emma has won accolades for her stark pixie hairstyle, Justin Bieber has won acclaim for his famous hairstyle which, until he cut it off in early 2011, consisted of a long swoop over the forehead style fringe.

The Bieb's famous hairstyle is still being copied even though the pop star has moved on with a series of new cuts and hairstyles.

Meanwhile for those people who want to totally rock their individuality Lady Gaga offers lots of great inspiration with her constantly changing hair hues, lengths and mind-bending styles.

Will Lady Gaga's hair attain iconic hairstyle status?  Probably not like Farrah, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber, but certainly no one will forget some of her over-the-top styles.

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