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Hair Oiling With Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricots - Kernels Are Use For Hair Oils

Hair Oiling With Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil is known as Prunus armeniaca.

It's a cold-press oil refined from the dried kernels of apricots.   Its consistency and texture resembles sweet almond oil.  It's rich in vitamins A, D & E and in both oleic acid and linoleic acid.

It's a polyunsaturated oil which penetrates hair effortlessly without leaving any type of oily residue like olive or jojoba oil.

This is considered a carrier oil which means it can act as a base oil for mixing with essential oils (EOs) which can't be applied directly to the skin, hair or scalp.

The oil is good as a  leave-in oil conditioner due to the fact it's very light, non-greasy yet a rich oil which can be easily absorbed into the hair and skin.  It's excellent for sealing hair to keep moisture in the hair.

Apricot Kernel Oil is high in Vitamin E and Vitamin A which makes it great for providing hydration.  It is a great oil for conditioning, healing or sealing.

Apricot Kernel Oil can be used in the following ways:

1.  Added to shampoo or conditioner to impart extra softness and moisture.

2.  Used as a pre-shampoo or post-shampoo treatment to soften new hair growth

Apricot Kernels Used For Apricot Seed Oil

3.  Applied to wet or dry hair directly to boost moisturizing effects and add shine to hair

4.  It's emollient properties make it great for ongoing conditioning and hydration5.  Use as are-treatment oil treatment before chemical hair treatments

6.  Leave-in oil after hair has been washed and/or dried.

7.  Deep conditioning treatments in between shampoo sessions or as a temporary or overnight treatment.

8.  Treatment for split ends on a regular basis.

9.  Daily oiling for long tresses to protect from ongoing damage

10.  Oiling to add shine, soften or for other hair care options.

It can be mixed with a wide range of essential oils (EO) depending the goals you wish to accomplish with a mix.

The product is frequently used as a massage oil.  Because of it's moisturizing and conditioning formula it is thought to aid in the repair of the skin's elasticity in prematurely aged skin.

Good Alternative To Sweet Almond Oil

According to Natalie Marx of The Jerusalem Post, Apricot kernel oil is a good alternative to sweet almond oil for people with nut allergies. Apricot kernel oil is similar in texture and color to almond oil, but costs slightly more. It is rich in vitamin E, a quality that gives it a longer shelf life than the typical oil.

Like almond oil, apricot kernel oil is absorbed into the skin, so it won't leave people feeling greasy afterwards.

Method of extraction

Apricot Kernel oil is expeller pressed/partially refined.  It's natural expeller pressed oil from raw almond kernels and exceptionally rich in fatty acids.


This is one of the most useful, practical, and commonly used oils. It is great for all hair types as an acting emollient.  It is best known for its ability to soften, soothe, and re-condition the scalp, hair and the skin. It's truly marvelous as a carrier oil and is equally superb for addition to all hair, skin and related body care products.

According to The Arab Times Online "massaging face with apricot kernel oil moisturizes the skin and slows down the aging process."

Apricot Kernel Oil can be found at most natural or organic food stores.   It has the shelf life of approximately 6 months to 1 year.

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