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Hair Frizz Busting Spray - How To

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Hair Frizz Busting Spray - How To

One of the best oils for adding instant hydration and eliminating frizz is jojoba oil.  Aloe gel is also great for adding moisture while controlling frizz.

Dehydration and frizz are both is an ongoing challenges for naturally curly, wavy or textured hair.  Aloe gel also helps to define texture (curl clumping, waves, coils, kinks, ringlets or similar).

It's important to keep long hair or naturally dry hair hydrated to prevent tangles, breaks, splits or similar.

Jojoba Oil + Aloe Vera Gel + Glycerine & Essential Oils

When you combine jojoba oil with aloe vera gel and mix in a little glycerin, essential oils and  you get a home made frizz busting recipe for a wide range of hair types, textures, lengths and conditions.

The recipe can be used as a leave-in detangling conditioner or as a pre-shampoo treatment.  It can be used on wet, damp or dry hair.  If preferred, it can be applied before wet bunning.

This basic recipe has been around for many years and has appeared on a wide range of long hair (Kimberlily's long hair anti-frizz recipe), naturally textured and similar hair forums, including's Hair Talk Forum which was one of the very first hair focused forums on the Web since the mid 90s.

Aloe Vera Plant

While this recipe may not work for everyone, it can work wonders for others.  It's not recommended for thin or fine hair which may be weighed down by the oil and aloe gel.


This recipe can be cut in half or doubled depending upon the length, type and current condition of your hair.  This formula is ideal for naturally curly, wavy, kinky, coily or textured hair.

1 large glass or ceramic round bowl

4-8 ounce mister bottle or similar (sterilized before each use)

1 small whisk

1 funnel or similar

1 tsp organic jojoba oil (5ml)

1 tsp glycerin*

2 tbsp** aloe gel (30ml)

distilled water

Optional - 10 drops essential oil (EOs)

Substitution note: aloe juice is not as good & doesn't last as long as gel.  Fresh aloe from the plant also does not last as long as a commercial aloe gel product.  If possible, select an aloe gel product without allantoin (pain reliever).

Note: This recipe can be altered as desired, but to work properly, requires jojoba oil or similar and aloe gel or similar as part of the base.  Without either the results will not be the same.

Aromatherapy Dark Blue Glass Bottles


Mix the aloe gel, jojoba oil and glycerin together in the bowl.  Use the whisk and beat the ingredients together until they completely emulsify.

Apply the desired drops of essential oils and stir to combine.  Pour mixture into a mister bottle or spray bottle using the funnel to transfer without spilling.  Be sure to use with a good spritzer pump.  Store in a cool, dark area or refrigerate if possible.

The result of this recipe is a gel like consistency.  Be sure to dilute it with water to your own desired thickness.

Before using the formula apply cool distilled water (only distilled will do) to the bottle, shake well and then spritz onto damp hair as a leave-in conditioner.  Keep away from eyes in case irritation occurs.

It can also be used on dry hair and then finger picked through to add hydration.  This recipe will last for up to 10 days if refrigerated.  Pitch if it starts to develop a spoiled aroma.  If you wish you can experiment with adding your own preservative from citric acid (1/8th teaspoon) and ascorbic acids (1/16th teaspoon).


Ringlet Infused Long Hair

This formula is known to enhance existing texture such as natural curls, waves, kinks and coils.  It can transform natural waves into looser curls.  Many people who have tried this or a similar formula report great results.

It is a great alternative for sprays which have a heavy silicone base.  The downside is that it requires the time to make and store.

Cautionary Notes

A little bit goes a long way with this formula.  Avoid applying directly to roots or on hair which is fine or thin and might be weighed down by the formula.  It may leave hair looking oily so you may wish to dilute with more water or only use as a pre-shampoo treatment.   The formula can also be used on dry skin.

Glycerin Pros And Cons

*Glycerin tends to work best in hot, humid temperatures where there is an excess of moisture in the hair.

Some hair types and textures do not respond well to glycerin which may pull moisture from tresses or cause a build-up over time.  If that's case with your hair then experiment with making the formula leaving out the glycerin.   If you live in a cold climate you may wish to experiment with eliminating the glycerin or reducing the amount.

Honey is similar to glycerin but very sticky.  If you wish you can experiment with substituting a small amount of honey for the glycerin on a trial basis.  Vitamin E oil may also be a good substitute.

HairTopia Oil With Organic Jojoba Base

Alternative Options

This hair frizz busting recipe can be modified with the following options.  Experiment with the following ingredients which can be substituted or added to existing formula:

Aloe Vera Gel

A similar gel can be made from fenugreek seeds, flaxseeds or linseeds if there is a known aloe vera gel allergy.  People allergic to onions and/or garlic are often also allergic to aloe vera.

Oils - Substituted For Jojoba Or Added To Mix

Light organic (when possible) oils are the best and include, but are not limited to:

- apricot kernel oil

- argan oil

- broccoli seed oil

- camellia oil

- grapeseed oil

- sweet almond oil

- extra virgin olive oil (1/4 teaspoon of olive oil since it is heavier than jojoba)

Not Recommend

- coconut oil is not generally recommended because it may separate and may be too thick.  If you wish to use coconut oil experiment with fractionated coconut oil.  Castor oil is also too thick to mix effectively.

Coconut oil historically will clog up the mister dispenser or just float to the top and not be easily mixed.

Medium Length Red Curly Hair

Added Ingredient Options

- 1 teaspoon or a spritz of Lemon Juice

- jasmine water,  rose water or any other organic floral essence water can be used instead of distilled water which eliminates need for EOs or added aroma ingredients.

Essential Oils - Optional

Mix in 2-4 drops or as desired.  Start with one oil at a time to experiment with the aroma.  When in doubt use less than more.

Listed below are some popular EOs to use:




Ylang Ylang


Other Essential Oils To Experiment With

Clary sage

Jasmine absolute




**Tablespoon is equivalent to 15ml. A teaspoon is equal to 5ml.

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