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Curly Hair Dryness DIY Repair Recipe

Although curly hair is prone to chronic dryness regardless of the season, curly hair is more prone to this condition during the heat of summer.  To help combat curly hair dryness try this Do It Yourself (DIY) repair recipe.

Apricots have moisturizing Vitamin A ingredients.  Olive oil is also full of Vitamin E which is excellent for addressing dry curls, kinks, coils and ringlets.

Curly Hair Dryness DIY Repair Recipe

Add 1/4 cup of pre-warmed olive oil to three mashed apricots (organic if possible) with pits removed.  Mix the apricots with the olive oil until creamy.  Apply to pre-cleansed damp towel blotted hair.  Although you can apply to dry hair, best results are obtained by most curly haired people when applied to clean damp hair.

Pat with fingers into the hair.  Focus the mixture into the ends or other damaged or dry spots.  Plop on a shower cap or wrap in plastic wrap or a clean warm towel.  Allow mixture to work for up to 60 minutes.

Rinse mixture completely out of hair in lukewarm water.  Add a rinse out conditioner if desired.  When finished rinsing out the mix and/or the rinse-out conditioner, rinse well finishing with a cool or cold final rinse.  Towel blot.  Apply desired leave-in conditioner, anti-defrisants and curl enhancing or moisturizing products.

When possible, allow hair to air-dry to maximize the effects of the moisturizing treatment.  To refine curls towel blot, apply a curl enhancing/anti-defrisant product and roll individual sections of hair around fingers and pin to the scalp to air dry into beautiful ringlets.

If you achieve great results from this anti-dryness remedy try it on your skin as well.  If you prefer, you can substitute the olive oil for jojoba, coconut or your other favorite moisturizing oil.

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