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Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery

Marie Osmond With Brother Donny

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery

Star Magazine has called out Marie Osmond for drastically altering her famous face.  Star noted that when Marie attended the 80th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 27th she was hardly recognizable due to her new look which they described as "not natural"

Star consulted with a variety of plastic surgeons who noted that her lips "were so overfilled that her upper teeth are obscured!"

Marie's cheeks, chin and lower eyelid areas also seem to have been over plumped giving her face a much wider and square appearance rather than her normal chiseled self.

The plastic surgeons also claimed that Marie's nose looks different as well.  Did you have surgery on her nose?  Probably not.  If she's had filler injected into her cheeks, lips and chin, it could cause her nose to look more slender or take on a new shape.

Ultimately Star Magazine decided that Marie probably had injectable fillers which add lots of plumping but only last 6-9 months.  Which means eventually her face will settle into a less swollen appearance.

Can you blame Marie for wanting to take steps to look wrinkle free?  Afterall, she's an entertainer and has to worry about her appearance.

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