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How Do You Get Curly Hair

Allesandro Ambrosio With Long Curly Hair

How Do You Get Curly Hair

The best way to get curly hair is to be born with it.  Although there has been a Love Your Curls Movement gathering popularity for the past 10+ years, not everyone is going to always love their natural hair texture.  Ultimately everyone should wear their hair however they love it best.

If you were born with curly hair the key is to learn to properly love it and care for it so that you eliminate any known curl challenges such as frizz, fuzz or uncontrollable clumps.

With the proper curl friendly haircuts, products and daily care anyone can have beautiful curls, regardless of their age, sex, ethnic background, color or length of hair.

If you weren't born with natural texture you can still get curly hair with a variety of options which are listed below:

1.  Start With The Proper Hair Cut

If your natural hair is bone straight, you can still get curly hair with the proper hair cut which should be crated into strategically placed long layers to help your hair initially achieve and then maintain curls.

Long sexy layers are a curly hair secret of Victoria Secret model curls showcased by the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.

Center Parted Chin Length Curly Hair

Talk to your stylist and let them know you want to create curls and discuss your haircut options.  Whether your hair is thin and fine, medium or thick, the right hair cut will make all the difference.  If your stylist doesn't seem to understand your future curly hair goals or discourages you from that option, listen to their reasons and ask for alternative ideas.

2.  Utilize Curl Creation Product Options

Not all products are designed to work equally on all types of hair.  When it comes to getting curly hair, if you own hair historically doesn't form or hold curls, you may not be utilizing the proper curl enhancing products.  Even stick straight hair can be curled and those curls can be maintained for long periods of times with the right products.

The hair styling market is literally jammed with an array of curl creation products ranging from shampoos and conditioners to leave-in styling gels, creams, lotions and sprays to help create and maintain ringlets, coils and beautiful clumps of curls.

3.  Chemicals

Chemical options to create curls on stick straight strands have come a long way over the years.  There are pros and cons to having a perm applied to your natural hair texture.  For many it is the perfect solution for ease of curl creation and maintenance.  For others it is more challenging.

Long Curly Hair

On the positive side when applied properly by a hairstylist who is skilled with chemical perms the results can be excellent.  The downside is that chemical perms area known to cause dryness and potential long term damage.  Before going the chemical route be sure to do your own research, get more than one opinion on the pros and cons and take your time.

It is possible to get a perm that is much lighter and is left on the hair a shorter amount of time to prevent as much potential hair damage.  Discuss all your options with your hairstylist.

4.  Chemical Free Options

With the proper base haircut, curl creation products and some practice it's possible to create beautiful curls on any type, texture or length of hair.

Wet Set

Some non-chemical curling options are known to have more success than others.  For curls which really hold the traditional wet set is one of the best methods for getting curly hair.

A wet set consists of sectioning the hair, rolling with traditional pin curls or curlers in strategically placed directions on the head and then either letting the hair air dry or sitting under a hood or bonnet hair dryers.  The smaller the section of hair which is rolled and the smaller the roller utilized, the tighter the curl and the longer is will last.

Straw, Pipe Cleaners And Rag Curlers

Jessica Simpson Long Curly Hair

Curls created as wet sets but utilizing traditional drinking straws, rags, pipe cleaners or sausage style rollers are known to also create very tight curls in varying degrees.  Depending upon the curling device used the curls can be compressed or elongated for a more ringlet style of design.

Hot Styling Tools

Hot curling irons and even flat irons used to create ribbon curls have become very popular over the past ten years.

One of the downsides of utilizing hot irons is the challenge of getting them to last for an extended period of time on hair which is naturally texture free.  While hot irons are an excellent option for naturally wavy or curly hair, they may not be the best option for stick straight strands without utilizing special products and cooling techniques.

When hair does not easily hold a curl it's best, when using a hot iron, to curl small horizontal sections of the hair and then reform with the fingers, pin to the scalp and allow to set and cool for the best long lasting curls.

Hot Rollers

Even though electric and steam style hot rollers are not as possible as they used to be, they are still considered the go-to hot tool for creating long lasting curls on curl challenged locks.  The key again is to strategically place the rollers to create the desired curl formation.  The smaller the sections of hair rolled, the tighter the curls.

Conair Hood Dryer Available At Marketplace

If hot rollers are the best curl creation tool for your hair type, texture and length, you may wish to utilize two hot rollers sets at a time to have more curler options.

Blow Drying With Round Brush

When hair naturally has bend, light natural curls or waves, curls can be created with a combination of a blow dryer and a 100% boar bristle round brush.  In some cases a vent brush will work equally well.

In some cases blow drying with the proper brush will help create curls but to achieve long lasting coils, follow-up curling may be required with curling irons, hot rollers or a combination of curling tools.

In some cases after the hair is blow dried with a round brush and curled with an iron, the newly formed curl is rerolled around fingers and pinned to the scalp to set and cool.  This will help extend the life of the finished curls.

Hair Extensions

Some people with thin or fine hair which is stick straight may opt for pre-curled hair extensions.  Clip-in cap style hair extensions can be purchased with curls pre-baked into the style.   Clip-in hair extensions can be either the cap style which blends with your own hair or individual clip-in hair strands which can be strategically added to your own hair to increase the curls, movement and volume.

Kayla Curly Hair Wig From Henry Magu And

Fusion hair extensions (glue, beads or similar) can be adopted with human or synthetic hair which is naturally or chemically pre-curled.  The options are endless depending upon your financial budget, willingness to maintain and long term hairstyle goals.


One of the best ways to get curly hair is to glide on a beautiful wig.  The wig industry has changed dramatically over the years to the point that it's often impossible to determine if someone is wearing a wig or not.

Lace front wigs, 100% human hair wigs and even the customization options make wigs a great way to get curly hair without chemicals, hot styling tools, products, special haircuts or other high maintenance options.


If you weren't born with natural curls you can still get curly hair with a variety of options ranging from chemicals curling treatments to an array of styling products and tools.  For an instant curl you can go with clip-in hair extension caps, individual curl infused clip-in on fusion strands or even a beautiful wig.

If you're inclined to try the wig option don't forget to stop and visit with our friends at WigSuperStore and tell them that sent you.

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