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Curly Haired Kimberly Schlapman Stands Out In Sea Of Sleek Strands

Kimberly Schlapman With Band Members

Curly Haired Kimberly Schlapman Stands Out In Sea Of Sleek Strands

Kimberly Schlapman is the gloriously tressed blonde member of Little Big Town.

The ringlet infused Kimberly stood out on the CMA Red Carpet which was jam packed with female celebrities wearing cookie cutter long blonde wavy hairstyles or sleek straight strands.

It was refreshing to spot Kimberly with her spectacular cloud of tightly coiled tresses billowing up and around her beautiful face from a center part.

Although not everyone is a fan of Kimberly's curls, she personally adores her natural texture and her fans are constantly asking her tons of questions about her tresses.

Even her critics admit, even if begrudgingly, that her curls make her very unique on every Red Carpet she graces.

While I love how unique Kimberly looks when she shows off her natural curls, I might politely suggest she surrender her famous tresses to a natural texture expert.  Why?

Although I haven't seen Kimberly in person, from her photos I would guess her beautiful curls are a tad dry and would look stunning with the proper curl shaping and massive hydration treatments.  I can only imagine how stunning Kimberly would look with lots of tender loving curl care.

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