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Hair Color Correction Secrets - Removing Black

Beth Minardi is one of the most widely respected, top hair color gurus in the United States.  She is an expert colorist, a color educator and a renowned hair color correction expert.

If Beth can't repair a botch hair color job, probably no one else could.

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Beth is well-known for her hair color work custom designing and creating Rene Russo's signature red hair color for the movie The Thomas Crown Affair.  In the professional hair care world Beth is highly respected for her ability to provide color correction instruction for some of the most challenging hair color disasters.

Go To The Dark Side With Hair Color

With the recent popularity of black hair hues and the move by hair consumers to dye their hair black, there's an increasing call for color correction treatments.

Although the word "strip" was originally used to describe removing hair color, the proper hair colorist term is "lighten".

According to Beth, removing permanent black hair color is "one of the most challenging color corrections an advanced colorist faces."  In a past Modern Salon column she advised other hair color experts to "take their time with a black hair color correction process".

She also advised that "black hair color be removed in a precise step-by-step process over a series of four to six applications spaced five to six weeks apart".

Always Go To A Color Correction Expert

If a hair color correction genius like Beth Minardi says that removing black hair color is one of the most challenging color correction tasks, certainly it's not recommended any hair consumer try to remove black hair color at home from their hair.

Since removing permanent black hair color is a very complex correction process, when you look for a professional to help you "lighten" your current hair color back to its original base, look for a hair expert who advertises color correction experience and expertise.

Repairing Hair Color Correction Damage

Applying any type of hair color can be damaging to most hair types and textures.  It can be even more damaging to remove hair color - such as permanent black dye - from the hair.  To maintain the integrity of the hair during the correction process, which should extend for six weeks or more, be sure to amp up regular conditioning treatments and step up regular trims.

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