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Short Curly Hair With Animal Accent Hair Accessories

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Short Curly Hair With Animal Accent Hair Accessories

Whether you love leopard, tiger, snake or zebra, you can rock the animal hair accessory trend with proper planning and a fierce attitude.   Regardless of the length, thickness, volume or tightness of your curls, you can enjoy a variety of hair accessory options.

Position Your Animal Print Headband

If you're ferociously adventuresome try showcasing your favorite animal print with a hairline hugging headband or head-wrap which provides a base for your explosion of curls, coils or ringlets.

If you prefer, position the headband so that it helps support your roots, but directs the curls up and over the edges of the headband.  Not only does this allow you to showcase an edgy animal hair accessory, but it eliminates the need to break up your natural textures.

Go With A More Conservative Animal Style

If you're a bit timid about unleashing your wild side or need to adopt a more conservative look for your short curls, start slowly with a smaller hair clip, barrette or comb with a more conservative animal embellishment.  You might go with a classic style and attach it on either side of the head or to hold back a few strands off your hairline.

Tarina Tarantino Leopard Print Bow Hairclip

Animal Print Patterned Hair Accessories

White and black animal prints or patterns work well with black, red and other bright hair colors.  Brown animal print patterns complement golden hair hues.  Black patterns look spectacular against platinum blonde and light white blonde shades.

For A Radical Look

For a radical look combine a skinny animal patterned headband with one or two in complementary colors.  Anchor the three headbands a few inches back from the hairline to secure the front section of hair. Allow the remaining hair to billow up and back from the headbands in beautiful curls.

Tarina Tarantino Black Headband

Or amp up your hair fashion with a metallic version of an animal print headband, barrette or clip.

Animal prints complement neutrals, solid colors and basic black so if you want to turn up the embellishment pair your animal prints with those family of hues.

Less Is More

When it comes to animal prints remember that less is always more.  If you're wearing an animal print hair accessory or accessories, make it the main focus of your outfit.

There is always the danger of going overboard with animal prints.  When you wear them in your hair, don't wear them anywhere else...except maybe your shoes or handbag.


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